Membership Rates

Membership: Monthly Rate:Access at the Locations:
Reserved Desk
$350Daily access plus mail and a locker, and the same desk always reserved for you.
Open Desk
$250Daily access plus mail and a locker.
Six-Days-a-Month$120Any six days a month.
Yearly prepaid option: 12 months for the price of 10

All membership rates include:

  • Large monitors and comfy seating in Herman Miller chairs at every desk, availability guaranteed
  • Conference rooms and phone rooms: 3 hours per day, per member
  • 24/7 access to both locations for all members
  • Fast and reliable wifi and ethernet
  • A well-stocked kitchenette including coffee, tea and filtered water
  • Member activities as many days as you want: on Slack, videochat and outdoors
  • A real and strong community of coworkers who genuinely like each other

Full-time membership rates include:

  • A locker
  • Mailing address, mail and package delivery, and mail forwarding

Collective Agency was founded nine years ago based on the idea that remote workers and telecommuters still desire a workplace community and conversations at the water cooler. So we use a membership model to create a sense of belonging, with different rates to meet your different needs. The best part is that instead of charging for every little thing, any membership includes just about everything Collective Agency has to offer!

All memberships offer you not just an amenity-rich space to get your work done and feel productive, but coworkers to chat and eat lunch with, a workplace democracy (participation optional), and lots of member-planned activities hosted outdoors or online.

We care about our community, current and future. Thus, all memberships require first and last month to start, and an intent to stay at least 5 months.*

*If someone thinks it’s extremely unlikely they’ll be a member for 5 months total, even if they like Collective Agency and even if covid is still a major issue in 5 months, then they can’t sign up (for example if someone is in town for a month on vacation, they can’t sign up). But if someone isn’t sure, that’s fine and they’re encouraged to sign up. Or if school pauses in a few months and then restarts in September, that’s fine. There’s also an option to pause membership with a day’s notice and then restart it for at least a month; that’s no extra cost.

Full terms of service are at: