We have a variety of payment options. Tours for people considering membership are free.
Tours and day trials are great any weekday except for: Monday July 22nd, and Division or Downtown Thursday August 1st.

Try us out for a day, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

$30, credited to your membership if you sign up that day. TRY US OUT


6 days per month As many days as you want With a reserved desk
Paid monthly
Yearly prepaid

Members want income to not be a reason why someone can’t be here. We also want people to value being here. For people who know they’re earning and spending less than $20,000 personal income per year (total, all sources), it’s half the membership rate.

Everyone here acknowledges the Community Guidelines are the core of the terms of service.


  • The Montavilla office opens August 1st. There’s a waitlist for the reserved desk option at the SE Division office.
  • First and last month are required for all monthly options.
  • Membership billing is on the same date month-to-month or year-to-year.