About Us

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Collective Agency has been a trailblazing part of Portland’s coworking and shared office space community since 2011, winning several awards and media mentions over the years.

There are many coworking options in Portland, from national chains to other home-grown Portland small businesses offering various twists on sharing space. What sets Collective Agency apart is its commitment to real and sustainable community, with its membership model and workplace democracy. Collective is where you come to cowork if you enjoy working alongside other people, and getting to know them just like you would if you worked in a traditional office environment.

Pre-COVID, members would regularly eat lunch or enjoy happy hour together, attend (optional) weekly meetings to check in, plan events and discuss and vote on issues pertinent to members or the space. Book club, game nights, and StoryShare dinners were just a few of the regular events that members planned and participated in. After COVID hit, members kept the community going by moving as much of the activities—including Pomodoro Coworking—to Zoom, or socially distanced events such as lunch in the park and backyard movie nights.