Meeting Photos

Collective Agency has three conference rooms for members (keyholders) that are large enough for five or more people: the boardroom, classroom, and corner conference room. There is also a two-person meeting/phone room and a one-person phone room. All these private rooms are shown below.

For membership rates, see: A person can reserve and be in these rooms for up to three hours every day they’re here at no extra charge, and additional time is $55 per hour per room. (If you have a team of four people who are members, each individual can be in a conference room/phone room and/or have guests for three hours at no extra cost. But the same person can’t be in the room for 12 hours, or more than 3 hours, or it’s the extra cost.) For full information on what’s included, see:


Members can reserve this boardroom for their team meetings.

In this photo, you can see an entry room to the boardroom. The entry room has a door on either side that fully closes, so you can roll chairs in there and use it as a breakout room for phone calls or breakout sessions.


The classroom tables are can be reconfigured into any arrangement. There’s a high resolution 1080P projector in our suite that can be brought down.


The corner conference room is accessed through the main Collective Agency suite. The high-resolution projector can be shown on the wall.