Meeting Amenities

Private Conference Room Amenities:

  • An employee on-site to have the room set up, greet you and your guests, and answer any questions.
  • Fast and reliable wifi.
  • Office chairs and a conference room table, and lots of space to move around.
  • A large monitor, and the option of a high-resolution projector and screen, and large sticky flipcharts and markers. 
  • An extra room for breakout meetings or phone calls.
  • A view where you can see for seven miles out a wall of windows.
  • Catering:
    • Any caterer of your choice or none at all. Elephant’s Deli is the most popular caterer.
    • Many restaurants and food carts are nearby for lunch.
    • Filtered water and glasses are provided at no charge; coffee and tea can be provided for $19.50 per twelve 5oz cups.
  • Outside the conference rooms:
    • ADA restrooms and elevators. Gender-neutral restrooms on the ground floor are available upon request, and gendered restrooms on the same floor.
    • Car parking is two blocks south at the SmartPark on 10th Avenue for $10 per 24-hour day or $1.80 per hour, the most affordable of anywhere in the area. Bicycle parking is on the ground floor in the parking garage.