1. Is Collective Agency still open and offering coworking space during the COVID pandemic?
    Yes! We had to close for a short period of time in the spring, and unfortunately had to close our Montavilla location, but with safety precautions in place we are open for coworking and cozy community!
  2. What is Collective Agency doing to keep the coworking space safe?
    We have 6′ high transparent plastic barriers between each desk, seating and a floor plan to ensure at least 6′ of space between people is always possible, at desks and in common areas, several highly-rated HEPA air purifiers running constantly, and we are stocked up on hand sanitizer and other cleaning and sanitation supplies.
  3. How is Collective Agency maintaining a socially distanced ‘cozy community’?
    Pre-COVID, members would regularly eat lunch or enjoy happy hour together, attend (optional) weekly meetings to check in, plan events and discuss and vote on issues pertinent to members or the space. Book club, game nights, and StoryShare dinners were just a few of the regular events that members planned and participated in. After COVID hit, we’ve kept the community going by moving as much of the activities as possible to Zoom or socially distanced events such as lunch in the park and backyard movie nights. These digital or socially distanced personal activities have been big hits, and much needed sources of personal interaction for members who need community now more than ever!
  4. How is social distancing maintained?
    All desks have transparent barriers between them, and a dramatic rearranging of the space allowed for everyone to be at least 6′ away from each other when at their desks or passing each other in common areas.
  5. Do people share the same desks?
    We have two levels of membership: Reserved desk and Open desk. A reserved desk is all yours and no one else can work at it, use it, or otherwise interact with it in anyway (except to periodically sanitize it if you’ve been away awhile). You can leave all your personal items at your reserved desk when you’re not working at it.

    An Open desk membership means that you can use any of the open desks that are not reserved or currently in use by a member. In both cases, all of the desks are thoroughly sanitized after each use. This is documented at each desk with a “used/cleaned by” sheet for accountability.
  6. Are any services or amenities unavailable because of COVID?
    Both locations have closed their showers and gyms, and currently the conference room and classroom is unavailable at our downtown location, though we are hoping to have it opened soon.
Both locations have multiple highly-rated HEPA air filters running at all times.

I really like having contact with members each day. That’s the main reason I was wanting to join a coworking space in the first place. And I like how members are organizing the events: the game nights and virtual group lunches are helping create a sense of community for me at a time when it’s needed.

~ Teija Stearns, Collective Agency member, on coworking at Collective Agency During COVID