Newsletter: “Join Collective Agency Now to Lock in Low Rates Before February 15th!”

On February 15th Collective Agency, Portland’s coworking with cozy community, open since 2011, will be raising rates by a lot for people who aren’t paying members by then. People who are paying by then will keep the rates they have.

If you know someone who might be interested in joining a workplace community to be more productive and in a place with good vibes and people to chat with, or just to get out of the house and enjoy being around other people, please tell them about this opportunity to either sign up in the next few weeks or to support even more after that!

Tours are available along with the option to try out working here for up to half an hour after the tour. The chairs and surroundings really are that comfy; once someone sits down they will likely sign up. And why yes, those are new string lights installed in the past year to be extra cozy, monitors and raise-lower desks for everyone who comes in who wants them, and three hours of conference room and phone room time reservable and/or walk-in available each day for each member for calls and meetings. [View Photos]

As far as covid goes, I’m happy that no covid has been transmitted in the space. People who come in often seem less likely to get covid than if they don’t come in [this statement is not FDA-approved]. I got covid a couple times myself by not coming in for too long; first I got the healthier kind of covid at my local Walgreens, and then I got the salty kind flying on a plane while eating the tiny pretzels; not as tasty as lunch on the sofas here heated up in the kitchenette. Anyway, everyone coming in is required to sign a health and vax form, including agreeing to not come in if they might have anything contagious except good vibes.

There are optional conversations throughout the workday. Some members walk to lunch together, or go on walks together for mid-day breaks. Optional member meetings, the main way the community is grown and members start to get to know each other, are restarting February 9th, after much fewer meetings the past couple years. There’s a game night February 7th.

“I find Collective Agency to be an ideal coworking space– warm, welcoming, well-stocked, and affordable. The location is convenient and surrounded by stores and restaurants, the interior vibe is functional and generous, with everything you need.

Using the space a few times a week helps me clear my head and focus away from home distractions. The people here are quiet and nice. I’m looking forward to getting more involved in any social hours and/or responsibilities over time.” -Amy L.

“I’ve been a member since November 2019. I love the vibe and the mission behind Collective Agency. The members are very empowered to help shape the experience. Even though I don’t use it every day, I find the space and the people very welcoming. It’s also a great place to bring colleagues when I need to have an in-person meeting. And it’s easy to pop into one of the side rooms to take a private phone call.” -Alexandra D.

The rates for people who start paying before February 15th are: $120 a month for up-to-6-days-a-month access, $250 for unlimited access, and $350 for unlimited access with a reserved desk. Full amenities are listed on the website. It’s first and last month paid to start. There’s even a discount: prepaying 12 months is the price of 10 months. and click the ‘pay to sign up!’ button to start.

February 15th, for anyone not yet paying, the up-to-6-days-a-month option goes away, it’ll then be $450 a month for unlimited access and $650 a month for membership with a reserved desk.

Community Mission Statement: “Cozy working alongside people doing what they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Cowork with us!”

My personal passion and commitment is making or supporting places and communities where people make fantastic things happen, and I’m excited for us to do more of that again. and click the ‘pay to sign up!’


Alex Linsker • Business Owner
Collective Agency • Coworking Spaces with Cozy Community
(503) 915-4769 In Portland’s West End • 511 SW 10th Avenue, Suite 1108
Portland Oregon 97205

Written by Alex