Cozy Workplace

Where? 322 NW Sixth Ave (between Everett and Flanders), Suite 200, Portland Oregon 97209. Buzz '200' when you arrive. The phone will ring once or twice, then you’ll be buzzed up. Come on up; we’re on the second floor. When? We’re staffed Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. There’s 24/7 access for members, and for meetings by non-members. What else? You can call (503) 517-6900 or email Alex at

Community: Members here value productive work, socializing and community activities at their workplace. Friendships, learning, inspiration, and in-depth open conversations with laughter are largely what defines a successful event and a great day here.

Membership is $250 per month or $2,500 when prepaid for 12 months. A reserved desk is $375 per month or $3,750 when prepaid for 12 months. A company can have up to 20 memberships.

People come here to work alongside other inspired self-motivated people.

Collective Agency is the coziest, best-rated, most open and friendly coworking place in Portland. We’ve been open since 2011.

Many of us eat lunch and talk on the sofas here each day. There are weekly activities. Most of the time people are productively working.

We also rent conference rooms for up to 14 people, and events for up to 125 people.

Amenities include: one of the fastest internet connections in Portland, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, bubbly water, central air conditioning and heat, elevator access, bike parking, computer monitors, lots of natural light.

Come and work here!