What’s Included

All membership options include:

Access to four Collective Agency workplaces (Videochat, Montavilla, Division and Downtown) that are all very open and spacious yet cozy-serene-productive-relaxed feeling with lots of natural light. Each of the three physical locations are self-governing. All locations have (check the COVID-19 building updates for temporary rules):

  • 24/7 access during your days here each month.
  • Community:
    • Have conversations and become friends over time. Eating lunch and talking together most days is common. In the main work area of each location there’s usually people talking for between 15 minutes and 3 hours per day.
    • Option to participate in or organize any community activities. Option to vote for coordinating council members, to be on the coordinating council, and to participate in the weekly optional member meetings at each location.
    • Conversations are great in the main areas, the kitchen, and the lounges. Classical, ambient, jazz or other instrumental music without words plays during the workday.
  • Many large shared computer monitors. Can bring in and leave equipment for people to use when you’re not here.
  • Three hours maximum per day in conference and phone rooms, common areas outside our main suites, and/or having guests. Each location has three conference and phone rooms, plus additional unique areas.
  • Three guest day-passes per month.
  • Bicycle parking indoors. Montavilla and Division have free street car parking. Division and Downtown have showers.
  • One of the fastest internet connections in Portland.
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, and bubbly water.

Membership as-many-days-as-you-want also includes:

  • A locker for storage.
  • A mailing address (directly to your name at:
    • 7819 SE Stark Street, Portland Oregon 97215 or
    • 3050 SE Division Street, Suite 245, Portland Oregon 97202 or
    • 511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 1108, Portland Oregon 97205.
  • A gym for members who mostly work at or have a reserved desk Downtown.

Membership with a reserved desk also includes:

  • A reserved desk and chair, and the ability to set up permanent equipment just for you. (Marked with a “Reserved desk for:” sign.)

See the Photos and Amenities pages for more info. Your payment supports what happens here.