Videochat and Outdoor Gatherings

Members have links to the online rooms in the “upcoming events” emails and on Slack messaging, and can add our calendar to automatically display events on their calendar. Updated May 28 2020: All events during the stay-at-home order are online, and since May 15th, outdoor social/recreational gatherings with distance. Events are shared to members-only now; there are more than before, and more creative than before.

As always, thanks to members for organizing events and asking for what you very much want.

This list has stopped being updated for the public. Paying for membership supports us.

Upcoming events (all in our main videochat room):

  • StoryShare. Tonight Friday April 24th at 7-940pm.
  • Crafting hour. This Tuesday April 28th at 6pm. Crafting optional. (Crafting can include painting, drawing, writing, writing music, macrame, carpentry, idea making, etc) Last time we talked a lot while we crafted.
  • Movie Night – A Streetcar Named Desire. Thursday April 30th at 7pm.
    “The votes are in – we will be watching A Streetcar Named Desire on April 30 at 7pm! Thanks Lyle and everyone for the suggestions – it was very close between all the movies. We will meet up in the main Zoom room, and I will screenshare the movie. Also I’d like to stick around afterwards to discuss it with whoever’s interested.
    A Streetcar Named Desire is one of those classic movies that I think more people have heard of than have actually seen in its entirety, myself included. I have seen other films by the director though. Elia Kazan directed one of my all-time favorite noirs, Panic in the Streets, and he reunited with Streetcar’s writer Tennessee Williams for another Southern drama, Baby Doll, which has some incredibly sensational and contentious content. So if that’s anything to go by, I think it will be a compelling, intense drama with a lot to talk about. Here’s the trailer: Looking forward to Movie Night!” -Francina
  • Recurring events:

    • Lunch every weekday 12-1245pm in our main Zoom room. It’s been 4 to 6 of us at lunch each day this week. Since more structure is good sometimes, there’s the bowl of questions from the last StoryShare. I’m often posting some of the topics we’re talking about in the #general Slack channel; some members have said they like seeing that’s happening.
    • The main weekly member meeting Thursdays 2-255pm in our main Zoom room. It’s the main way to coordinate planning events and talk about governance.
      At least for awhile, the meeting will go 2-225pm for events and agenda items anyone very much wants to talk about, and then will continue until 255pm doing Collective Agency planning relating to stay-at-home and other laws. There’ve been 6 of us at the last two meetings. You can stay for as much as you like.
      Last time and for the next few times, the 225-255pm focus will be on planning for after the first stay-at-home ends until there’s a vaccine.
    • Pomodoro coworking in our Pom room. All coworking will be impromptu same-day or otherwise suggested by members, Slack is where that usually gets suggested. Regular coworking or other variations on coworking can also be suggested in the main Zoom room
      • Thank to Chris for starting this! “The Pomodoro clock is being screen shared [or everyone sets a timer]. During the working sessions (25 minutes), camera and audio should be off. During the 5 minute break, turn on the camera and audio and say hi! If you’re in the middle of something, feel free to keep working. This is about getting into flow, so do what works for you. There are 3 sessions that are 25 minutes each, then every 3rd session is a longer 20 minute break.” (To get auto updates when the pom is happening, join the channel #motavilla-pom To see the login info to the timer, scroll up in the channel #motavilla-pom )

    Past videochat events:

    • Crafting hour/happy hour. Tuesday April 14th at 730pm. Crafting optional. In the main Zoom room
    • Travel Stories/lunch. Wednesday April 15th at 12pm. Five minutes each. In the main Zoom room
    • Trivia. Wednesday April 15th at 6pm (yes, two events in the same day)
    • Happy Hour. Thursday March 26th 5-7pm+. It’s not required but is great to RSVP if you haven’t yet, in the Slack channel, or by messaging or telling Alex.
    • Game Night. This Friday March 27th. Dinner at 5pm for anyone interested. Games from 6-8pm+. It’s super-likely we’ll play Jackbox (trivia, Drawful, silly party games), and maybe Cards Against Humanity. Come for as much as you like.
    • StoryShare. Friday April 3rd 7-9pm in the main room. “Join us in celebrating uniquely human experiences genuinely shared…” Full description of the first time we did this is at This time it’s no dinner, only story sharing, because more structured events have been better recently online, with the exception of lunch. 12 people maximum per room but we can break out into multiple rooms if it’s that many people.
    • Doing Taxes Coworking Style. Saturday April 4th 2-5pm. “Some friends from contra dancing were looking for a pro Zoom room to do taxes together, coworking-style, so I offered a Collective Agency conference/event room as my guests. Jaydra is the person leading it, and I’ll be there. I’m expecting it to be mostly non-members, but a great community. Come if you’d like.” -Alex “Anyone doing their own taxes can join in while we all complete our forms appropriately socially distanced and with much commiserating” -Jaydra
    • Book Club. Wednesday April 8th 12-1pm (it was rescheduled). Google Hangouts. “The Collective Agency Bookclub is now on our 20th book selection. … It’s The Friend by Sigrid Nunez and was the 2018 National Book Award Winner for fiction….” -Tom
    • Game Night: Cards Against Humanity and other games. Friday April 10th 5-7pm in the main room. Game night online. Best if you have your phone for videochat and another device to view a shared screen on your computer. We’ll start with Cards Against Humanity. Another game suggested was “in the nature of the adverb.”
    • Weekly meetings were the first online events, which started March 17th at 3 meetings per week, one per community/location.

    Events in-person were up to March 12th. In March they were:

    • 3 weekly member meetings per week, one per location,
    • impromptu lunches,
    • Montavilla: Trivia at Threshold Brewing 7-9pm,
    • Montavilla: Wine Down 5-7pm+ (it went to 11pm),
    • Downtown: Grilled Cheese Brunch 12-1245pm.

    There’s also a calendar showing the events at our physical locations up to February 2020.