Why – Testimonials

“The vibe is that serious work is getting done, but it’s not stuffy or boring — to the contrary, the people are relaxed, fun to be around, members regularly get together, and bring in food or snacks to share, contributing to the “Collective” vibe that is central to the philosophy of the place; a “family” feel to the whole thing. It’s a professional, easy, friendly, relaxed place to work in. Collective Agency has contributed tremendously to my daily enjoyment as I go about my work. Highly recommended!”

-Tara W.

“I love it. The membership benefits are great, but most of all the community is awesome. The opportunities for socialization make Collective Agency stand out from other co-working spaces.”

-Andrew Stimson

“Collective Agency continues to be my favorite co-working space in Portland. I am inspired to find my own rhythm and produce meaningful work.”

-Leslie Bourke

“What sets Collective Agency apart from other coworking places are its members — some of the most genuine, open, and passionate individuals I have ever met — and the culture.”

-Sara Shepherd

“The best thing is the community. I always felt welcome, and having friendly people around me definitely increased my productivity.”

-Dan Murphy

“Collective Agency has been a wonderful resource for me in the 3 years I’ve been working there. I’ve benefited from the community where everyone feels welcomed and empowered. I joined because I needed a place to really buckle down and get work done. I’ve stayed because it feels good to be there, I enjoy seeing the other co-workers and meeting new people, and because I still get more work done there than anywhere else.”

-Allie Q.

“I’ve been working at Collective Agency since I moved to Portland June, 2013. I love coming in and seeing busy happy people. I’m broadened by the community here.”

-Stefanie Z.

“Here’s why this place is unmatched: People here will make an effort to get to know you better and there’s a culture of socialization that you won’t find anywhere else. This place gives you the most “bang for your buck” in terms of what the basic membership includes. Specifically, there are all kinds of items for sharing such as computer monitors, cords and headsets that I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

-Amanda H.

“Are you in #pdx? Why are you not coworking @CollectiveAgenC? It’s like a nonstop productivity party! Working at @CollectiveAgenC has been great, would def. recommend it.”

-Taylor Hatmaker‏