Terms of Service

These are the terms of service. The Community Guidelines and Governance Guidelines are the core of these Terms of Service. See the Membership page for more info and the FAQ pages for each location.

1. Hours:

  • Members have 24/7 access with door codes and keys.
  • Regular business hours (when Collective Agency is staffed) are Mondays through Fridays, 9am to 5pm.

2. Memberships: https://collectiveagency.co/membership

  • Payment:
    • Payment is required to reserve.
    • Your card is charged on the same date each month (unless you prepay for 12 months or more; then it is charged the same date each year).
    • Payment for a year upfront has a discount: 12 months for the price of 10. The goal is to be like a co-op supermarket where people can put a deposit in and get a discount, and then get the deposit back in the future when they stop being members.
    • The rate you sign up at is the rate you keep, as long as you’re a member. Rates stay the same for current members forever (including the option to switch between monthly and yearly prepaid).
    • To get 20% off your first month when you pay for membership, tell us the name of the person who referred you, and they’ll get the same amount too.
    • For billing questions or requests, email Alex at Council@CollectiveAgency.co
      • Receipts are emailed for the first membership payment and for each yearly membership payment. Send an email if you’d like to get automated email receipts each month.
      • If at some point you wish to cancel your membership then email at least the day before your next billing cycle.
    • On the last day of membership or before, mail delivery and locker storage must be ended.
    • If lost, there is a $50 replacement fee per key fob.
  • Companies may have up to 20 members at a time.
  • Entry codes, security codes, keys, may not be shared with non-members for any reason.
  • Day trials for membership:
    • Once per person, and only if you’re considering becoming a member. The day trial is only at the location you RSVP to. Pay to reserve via the Membership page.
    • The day trial doesn’t include having: visitors, locker storage, or mail/package delivery.
    • The day trial is for one calendar day, between 9am and 5pm. There’s a sign on the wall when you arrive. It says to call (503) 517-6900.

3. Members hosting meetings and/or on phone calls:

  • Phone calls: https://collectiveagency.co/phone-calls/
  • We have the main room in our main suite at each location. We also have “common areas” which include:
    • 2 conference rooms and 1 phone room in our suite Downtown,
    • 2 phone rooms starting February 5th 2018 in our suite at Division,
    • Areas shared with other building tenants at Downtown and Division:
      • Conference rooms,
      • Sofa lobby areas and chair seating areas,
      • Restrooms and showers,
      • Extension of the kitchenette at Division.
  •  Locations:
    • Division: A member cannot be at Division more for phone calls or meetings in common areas than for working alongside other members in the main area. A member can’t be in conference rooms or common areas more than 3 hours total any day at Division for any reason.
    • Downtown: Any amount of phone calls and meetings are fine Downtown within the limits. If a member is in conference rooms more than 3 hours in a day Downtown, then the member has to pay the hourly meeting rate of $55 per hour or $1600 per week. The exception: there is no hourly limit while there are after-hours member events in the main area; then conference rooms are open unlimited for members during that time.
  • Conference room access:
    • Up to three hours total per member each day in conference rooms and/or any common areas (areas not in the main room of our suite) in our buildings.
    • For purposes of scheduling, phone rooms and conference rooms are the same.
    • Schedule your meeting so it ends up being the same or less than the amount of time you reserve for; schedule the most time you might need.
    • You can reserve in advance or walk in if available.
  • Any member can fill up any conference room with visitors (up to 14 people total including the member, in the biggest room).
  • Having visitors:
    • Reservations for meetings with visitors are recommended in order to guarantee conference room availability and have conference rooms clean and ready for arrivals.
    • For off-hour meetings: The member who is hosting the meeting is required to arrive at Collective Agency at least 15 minutes before their first visitor is expected (so that people aren’t waiting outside).
    • Members have the option of using all or some of their conference room time to host visitors in the main areas, if appropriate.
    • All visitors here for meetings have to stay within the same room or nearby area (except for restrooms/kitchen/parking access). All visitors here for a visitor day pass can work in separate areas within the same building from the member hosting them.
    • A visitor here for a meeting can’t be at Collective Agency more than 3 hours total that day (unless they are a member or here on a member’s visitor day pass).
    • The member hosting the visitor needs to be here the whole time that the visitor is here – as an example: if you leave at 130pm, the visitor needs to leave before you or with you at 130pm.
  • Conversations in the main areas are good if they are in normal voices, not loud or emoting.

4. Members hosting events:

  • The main reason for becoming a member cannot be to host free events.
  • Times: Members can reserve the main areas Downtown or at Division for 15 to 45 people at most once per month, for up to 4 hours total after 5pm Downtown or for up to 3 hours total after 7pm at Division on weekdays, or anytime on weekends. The member who reserved will be here for at least 30 minutes at the start and end of the reservation for setup/early arrivals and cleanup/people staying late. The publicly published start and end times will be at least 30 minutes after and before the total time reserved (a 7:30-9:30pm public event time will have reservation and the member here 7-10pm). Why: it’s considerate to people arriving for the event, for members, and for people in the building.
  • Events exceeding these hours are charged $125 per hour pro-rated for each additional 15 minutes. Events and setup may not start before the published time.
  • Capacity: If we have more than 5 Downtown reservations or more than 5 Division reservations per month, then the Optional Member Meeting or a member survey will be how events moving forward are decided; prior members who hosted events will get priority.
  • Notice: At least a week notice to members is required, including the name of the event and a description so that any member can join in, and if it’s not likely that there will be at least 15 people, the event will be rescheduled to a conference room.
  • Alcohol and money: For member-hosted events with alcohol, the hosting member is fully responsible for researching and staying within Portland OLCC rules; as of this writing a summary is: there may not be money paid or agreed for or at the event between anyone for any reason unless there is an OLCC permit, which takes a few weeks, has a fee, and has meal and other requirements.
  • Staff will manage the reservations.

5. The very fine print on membership options:

  • To pause membership, a member may give at least one day’s notice, and get a membership credit equal to the pre-paid membership amount for future access (re-starting membership) at a date of their choice. Any member may not pause membership more than once every two months and must rejoin for at least a full month or the remainder of their credit, whichever is less. If paused, the 12 months pre-paid must be used within 24 months of the start date, and a month-to-month payment must be used within 12 months of its being paused. Before pausing the membership, all access to member benefits must be returned: the Coworking Visa, mail delivery, locker storage, key fob, or any access for any reason.
  • A member who pauses or cancels membership, then rejoins, will rejoin at the current rate for all months that weren’t already paid for.
  • A person or company with 12 months or more prepaid membership may switch out the person who has the membership for a new person, provided there is at least 5 business days notice to Collective Agency staff, and not more often than once every 90 days per membership. The key has to be returned to Collective Agency staff, who will give it to the new person.
  • With a month notice, someone can get the remainder of their yearly prepayment back for the unused months. This doesn’t apply to people whose prepayment for the year started before March 25th 2016. The discount for each month that was prepaid if a remainder is given back is: the regular prepaid discount amount multiplied by the percent of the year the prepayment was in place.

6. Basics:

  • Each member must have a separate residence where he or she sleeps.
  • Membership is not open to people who think it’s very unlikely before signing up that they will be members at least 5 months total. If you’re not sure, that’s totally fine and we’d like you to sign up.
  • Everyone here acknowledges the Community Guidelines are the core of these terms of service.

7. Rates:

  • There are no individual discounts, credits, reduced rates, or extensions on cancellations outside what is in the terms of service; everybody is treated equally under the rules.
  • Rates for membership include everything except for:
    • Printing at-cost if more than $8 per person per month (black-and-white text is 8 cents per page, full-color pages of photos are $3 per page).
    • Additional conference room time above what’s included, at the rates on the meetings page.
    • Free car or motorcycle parking for members up to 3 days per month is on our block Downtown. Email or ask for details.
    • Keys must be returned on or by the last day or there is a $50 fee per set of keys.
    • Each extra locker or filing cabinet (or instead of any lockers or filing cabinet, a cabinet 6 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide by 1.5 feet deep) is $70 per month.

8. Liability:

  • There is no liability for lost, damaged, or stolen equipment, unless that person stole or intentionally damaged the equipment.
  • There is trip and fall, and building insurance, for the building.
  • There is a liability waiver: as a person who may occupy the premises, you agree at your own risk to indemnify Collective Agency against all claims for any lawful guest to the premises who shall have entered onto the premises for the purpose of lawfully visiting you or who shall enter onto the premises with your permission. You agree that Collective Agency shall not be liable for any personal injury, damage, loss or inconvenience howsoever or wheresoever caused to any person, any company, or any property brought in by any person upon the premises.

9. General:

  • Collective Agency is the trade name of the location and the name of the business, with these Terms of Service. There are guiding principles of accountability, open book management, checks and balances. Alex Linsker is the business owner.
  • Violation of the Terms of Service, especially violation of the Community Guidelines, may result in termination of membership as determined by Alex Linsker.
  • The Community Guidelines and other terms of service or policies may change in the future as per the governance process.
  • The maximum amount of money owed for any reason by Collective Agency to a person or company shall be the amount paid them for services in that month by that person or company.
  • Visitors are the responsibility of the member who invited them, and are also responsible for themselves.