Press Photos

Here are high-resolution photos for press. Collective Agency’s: business owner, Videochat during COVID-19, physical locations, and logo.

Collective Agency’s business owner Alex Linsker:

24831515_10159484791115198_3449056027931548954_o-2 Press Photos
Alex Linsker, 2013, at the WorldBlu Live Night of Honor.

alex-linsker-at-collective-agency Press Photosalex-linsker-at-moma Press Photos
Alex Linsker, 2017, at Collective Agency Downtown (left).
Alex Linsker, 2019, photo by Lee Semel (right).

Collective Agency Videochat:

storyshare-posed-cropped2 Press Photos
Collective Agency’s StoryShare dinner, April 2020.

collective-agency-videochat-lunch-march-2020-edited-rectangle Press Photos
Collective Agency lunch, March 2020.

Collective Agency’s physical locations:

collective-agency-coworking-classic-montavilla Press Photos
Collective Agency Montavilla, 2019.

collective-agency-downtown-2-members-cozy Press Photos
Collective Agency Downtown, 2019.

IMG_20191129_162001_076-2 Press Photos
Collective Agency Division, 2019.

collective-agency-group-coworking-classic Press Photos
Collective Agency Division, 2018.

IMG_20200210_104154_839 Press Photos montavilla-main-room-from-left-facing-front-dec2019-polls-well-490x600 Press Photos
Collective Agency Montavilla, 2020 (left).
Collective Agency Montavilla, 2019 (right).

collective-agency-division-main Press Photoscollective-agency-downtown Press Photos
Collective Agency Division, 2018 (left).
Collective Agency Downtown, 2019 (right).


collective-agency-logo-2019-version-white-background-1126x557px Press Photos