Phone calls

Be considerate and aware of phone call volume as top priority for other tenants and for members. Check out the Community Guidelines. Ask Alex if you have questions/suggestions.

At Collective Agency Division:

You can make calls in these areas only:

  • Medium conversational volume. There is ethernet:
  • Any volume:
    • Courtyard or tables near courtyard.
  • Sofas in our suite: quiet calls only.
  • Your desk in our suite: super-quiet calls only.

If someone is talking too loud, let them know. Then they can say “Hold on” to the person on the call and walk to a good area.

No member can ever have more than 3 hours a day in common areas outside our suite and/or in phone rooms in our suite, or more than 3 hours on calls in the building maximum per day. No member can work more time overall in the building outside our suite and/or in phone rooms than in our suite, or have more time on calls than not.

At Collective Agency Downtown:

Don’t have any meetings/conversations in any hallways or stairways or lobby unless it’s with another tenant or building staffperson or while walking to/from or waiting for the elevators/restrooms. Use a conference room or our main suite instead.

Extra time:

Members can have extra time in conference rooms/phone rooms Downtown and in phone rooms at Division at $55 per hour, rounded up to the nearest half hour. It’s the member’s responsibility to self-track and pay. Reserving in advance for the most time you might need is great. Pay at