Optional Weekly Member Meetings

At Montavilla on Tuesdays 2-220pm, Division on Thursdays 2-220pm, and Downtown on Wednesdays 12-1220pm*, there are optional weekly member meetings.

At each location, there are weekly meetings on the sofas, where members can be involved in governance of the location – asking for and making happen what you very much want, while being considerate of what other people very much want. The world is our oyster.

Members can formally join in governance in various roles, or can participate when they’d like.

The format:

  • We start by going around: what’s your name and something you’re passionate about, in 30 seconds or less.
  • Then upcoming events.
  • Then anything anyone very much wants to talk about.

A writeup of how decisions are made is in the member’s manual. The governance process is at: https://collectiveagency.co/governance-at-collective-agency/

*On Wednesdays, when there’s a member event Downtown, the weekly meetings are 3 or 4pm depending on when the most members there earlier want to participate. When someone’s trying us out at another location on Wednesday, the meeting is canceled or rescheduled; Slack is where these rescheduling updates are posted.