Meetings – Photos

Collective Agency Montavilla opens July 1st, 2019 for meetings. Full info at

Collective Agency did meeting rentals for non-members from 2011 through 2018 and was listed in 2016 as the “#1 creative meeting venue in Portland.” The conference room seats up to 12 people comfortably, and the event room is comfortable for up to 48 people.

Here’s a photo of the most similar room we’ve had in the past, and then a photo of the current conference and event room when the previous tenant still had storage items there.

The new conference room will have a table 5/6ths as large, and imagine the wall where the desk and telescope are, and taller ceilings and a backyard.


The new event room will have a table that’s 4/3rds as big as the long table in the back of this photo, plus side tables.

Here’s the Montavilla event room before move-in. It has a wall of floor to ceiling windows not shown. This photo was taken with only the afternoon sunlight.