Meetings FAQ

Collective Agency’s Downtown location is at SW 10th Ave and Washington Street. The streetcar and many buses go by our door. The Blue and Red MAX lines are two blocks away, and the Yellow and Green and Orange Max lines are a 5-minute walk.



  • Lots of paid car parking lots, including two on our block connected to the building. A SmartPark two blocks south is the least expensive and most available car parking.
  • Non-members, including visitors and people trying us out for the day, need to park bikes outside. Indoor bicycle parking in our suite for members only.
  • BikeTown rack one block north at SW 10th and Stark.
  • Bicycle parking for meetings is on the street outside the building or in the enclosed parking lot next to the building on SW Washington between 10th and 11th Aves behind the attendant booth.

Popular Food nearby:

Meetings can have tea here at no charge in the kitchen. We can provide pots of 12 cups of coffee for meetings at $19.50 per pot, with advance notice.

  • We’re on Portland’s biggest block of food carts – more than a full city block.
  • There are more restaurants nearby here than anywhere else in Portland.
  • Target is two blocks away with a supermarket upstairs.

Recommended Caterers:

Any caterer of your choice, bring a bag lunch, or go out for lunch, your choice. The most popular caterers here are: