Groups that are Healthy Democracies in Portland Oregon

Do you value relationship democracy or workplace democracy, where the goals people have for their city are in their relationships and workplace? Then this is for you, and will: connect you to like-valued people, and learn/grow/explore best practices and challenges/goals. For a relationship, group, company, place, or more formal government.

Collective Agency is a workplace and community named after collective action. Agency is the capacity to act. Collective Agency is our capacity to act together.

We are a workplace democracy, and to grow, we are aiming higher and wider and bigger, including starting regular meetings for people growing existing healthy communities, including groups that are healthy democracies and individuals who value healthy democracies.

Here’s a quiz, “Is Your Group a Healthy Democracy? in 6 questions!” We’re revising the wording but people who fill out the quiz by choosing the best answers for them say it’s already relevant and useful.

There are many Portland social and civic groups which are healthy democracies, as well as place-based democracies including workplaces, personal relationships, and more formal governments. We’ll add more soon, and will add ratings, and individuals who want to be part of this network. We’ll also be open to individuals and groups outside of Portland, and will make pages for various locations over time.

Here are Portland workplace democracies that are not formally organized as co-ops (which are a type of democracy), but which are part of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, and then a list of many Portland co-ops from the old website (which is no longer active) from February 2016. Add and rate democracies by taking the quiz!