Governance Guidelines

The Governance Guidelines are part of the Terms of Service and are the governance version of the Community Guidelines.

  1. We are a self-governing group where people ask for or make happen what they very much want, while being considerate of what other people very much want.
  2. Each individual holds themself and each other accountable and, if needed, confronts with respect (how they’d like to be confronted).
  3. No individual has the right to inflict harm upon others or to destroy or lessen that which should be available to all.
  4. Individuals have freedom of speech and association, freedom of travel and choice of residence, employment, and education.
  5. There is transparency including regular check-ins (that people view as quality) on things that anyone in the group likely very much cares about, and on democracy.
  6. People in the group have all the same options and are all treated the same by the group’s terms, and by the people representing the group.