Upcoming Collective Agency member events (last updated 1/25/23). Full details on our member Slack channel.

There are also impromptu/same-day-in-person-announced member-led events like lunches and walks.

Game Night. Tuesday February 7th at 7pm. Likely in the Boardroom, maybe on the sofas in the main office. Usually goes 3 hours. Games are usually board or card games, a mix of strategy, luck, or party games, based on what people who show up want to play and bring. Bringing dinner or snacks is great too.

Member Meeting. Thursday February 9th at 2-20pm. On the sofas in the main office. The optional member meeting is a great way to get to know other members and have a say in how Collective Agency is run. The facilitated structure is: icebreaker question, agenda, events. Conversations usually continue afterwards. It’s action-packed and joyful.

  • The icebreaker question is most often: What’s your name and something you’re passionate about?
  • Agenda items are anything anyone very much wants to talk about doing, from community organizing to amenities. For bigger items there are sometimes breakout groups formed, although this is rare – most issues are resolved in a couple minutes.
  • Sometimes questions are asked as a ‘temperature check’ to see if a survey or vote might be useful. There’s a formal decision-making process for changes that might negatively affect a certain amount of members. There are community and governance guidelines for these meetings. Collective Agency is an award-winning workplace democracy, like a co-op but different.
  • Events are talking through recent events, upcoming events, and planning more events. Over the years, there became fewer and fewer agenda items and more and more events.
  • Right now the agenda focus planned is increasing community again. And this meeting is the best way to grow community.