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January Story Share 7-10pm+

January 17 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

What is Story Share?

Story Share is a multi-faceted, engaging and inclusive opportunity to connect with the greater Portland community over a potluck style dinner and share individual stories with fellow PDXers. Join us in celebrating uniquely human experiences genuinely shared in welcoming spaces.

Date, Time, Location and RSVP Form

The event will be co-hosted by Collective Agency members Lindsey Sanders and Scott Werley on Friday, January 17th from 7-10’ish pm at Lindsey’s residence.

Sign up by adding your name and potluck item you’ll be bringing to the google doc below. RSVPs are on a first come, first served basis. Due to the intimate nature of the event, we will be capping guests to 12 total for the evening. We kindly ask that you arrive on time as your valued presence will help ensure everyone gets the most out of the evening.

RSVP here!

Schedule for the evening:

7:00-8:15 pm: potluck style dinner — mingle and feast
8:15-10 pm (possibly longer): sharing of stories

Overview of how a Story Share event works:

Part One: Noms and Questions

During the potluck portion of the evening, we will have strips of paper available for everyone to write up to three appropriate, open-ended, safe-for-work questions. Examples of appropriate questions would be: “Share a time when you were genuinely excited” or “Share a story of when you laughed uncontrollably.” An example of an inappropriate question would be “Share a memory about the time you hooked up with so and so.” Similarly, trolling questions meant to embarrass someone attending are not allowed. (Please use common sense and courtesy.) Questions will be folded up and placed within a bowl for the second portion of the night. No one will be allowed to tamper with the questions once they’ve been submitted.

Part Two: Stories!

At 8:15’ish pm, we’ll gather in a circular shape and someone will be randomly selected to have the opportunity to draw the first question. If the drawer does not consider the question to be appropriate, open-ended, or safe-for-work, another will be drawn. They will read the question aloud (repeating, if necessary), and everyone will have 30 seconds to think about the question at hand. The drawer will choose a direction that sharing will commence.

The first person to the sharer’s right or left will have an uninterrupted opportunity to respond to the question within a set time limit. They can either choose to share a story or pass, then the next person will have an opportunity to share. Once everyone’s had a chance to share, folks who’ve previously passed will have a second and final opportunity to share for that particular question. After everyone has shared or respectfully passed twice, there will be 5-10 minutes or so for group chat where everyone can share their thoughts and reflections.

Next, the initial question puller will choose someone else to draw a question, and the sharing process will repeat. This will happen for a third time; thus, a total of three questions will be asked for the evening, with group chats following each.

Time Limit For Sharing

Stories will be limited to 2-5 minutes based upon the number of total attendees. We’ll make sure everyone has a chance to respond to all three questions!

Closing Comments

2020 has arrived, and we’re hoping to get Story Share events going on a monthly basis. The spirit of Story Circle is all about learning more about one another, beyond our online and work personas. Let’s bring what makes us human to the table and enjoy each other’s wholesome, enriching, face-to-face company together!

If you would like to host a future Story Share event, please contact Scott Werley.


January 17
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Event Category:


Member’s Residence
4025 SE 79th Ave
Portland, United States
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Lindsey Sanders
(831) 246-0709