Collective Agency Downtown

Collective Agency Downtown is two blocks south of Powell’s Books on 10th Avenue, at 511 SW 10th Avenue, Suite 1108, Portland Oregon 97205. Washington is the cross-street. It’s a 3-minute walk from the Red and Blue MAX Lines and a 4-minute walk from Pioneer Square.

Members have access at three locations: Collective Agency MontavillaCollective Agency Division and Collective Agency Downtown. Each location is a self-governing community.

Amenities include: lots of nearby restaurants and public transportation, conference rooms and phone rooms, views from Portland’s highest coworking space, showers, and all the office workplace things.

Parking, transportation, and neighborhood info are at the bottom of this page.






We’re in this glass skyscraper on the 11th floor:


To get in, you’ll just walk in from one of the building entrances, take the elevator to the eleventh floor, make a left, and we’re at the end of the hall. Members have keys. New people and visitors will walk in and call (503) 915-4769. Bike parking is only for members.

We have a kitchenette in our suite.




We have four conference and phone rooms downtown:




Bike parking is in our suite. The building has amenities including beautiful showers, a paid car parking lot, three elevators, restrooms:


Our three locations (Montavilla opens August 1st for members):



  • Lots of paid car parking lots, including two on our block connected to the building. A SmartPark two blocks south is the least expensive and most available car parking.
  • Non-members, including visitors and people trying us out for the day, need to park bikes outside. Indoor bicycle parking in our suite for members only.
  • BikeTown rack on SW 10th one block north between Washington and Stark.


  • Google Maps has directions.
  • We are near all MAX lines, many buses, and highways. Collective Agency Downtown is 25 minutes from Collective Agency Division on the 2 bus (which used to be the 4 bus), 19 minutes by bicycle, and 17 minutes by car.

Cafes and restaurants:

At Collective Agency Downtown we have coffee, and tea by the Art of Tea. There are more restaurants nearby than anywhere else in Portland.