Collective Agency Division

Collective Agency Division is at 3050 SE Division Street, Suite 245, Portland Oregon 97202.

Members have access at three locations: Collective Agency Montavilla, Collective Agency Division and Collective Agency Downtown. Each location is a self-governing community.

Amenities include: lots of nearby restaurants and cafes, free street parking, showers, a conference room and phone rooms, a view with windows that open, plants and art, and all the office workplace things.

Parking, transportation, cafes and restaurants are at the bottom of this page.

division-main Collective Agency Divisionphone-rooms Collective Agency Division

Our suite is on the second floor. To get in, you’ll just walk in from one of the building entrances, walk upstairs, and find our suite. Members have keys. New people and guests will call (503) 915-4769. We have lots of seating and standing options; there’s always room.

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division-sofas-660px Collective Agency Division

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division-sofas Collective Agency Division

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division-conference-room Collective Agency Division

division-lobby-sofas Collective Agency Division

The building from SE 30th and Division:

collective-agency-division-building Collective Agency Division

division-lobby Collective Agency Division

collective-agency-division-picnic-tables Collective Agency Division

collective-agency-division-bike-parking Collective Agency Division

Our three locations:

collective-agency-3-locations-060319 Collective Agency Division

Parking: Lots of free street parking. Indoor bicycle parking room near the mailslots and one of the stairways. BikeTown rack on SE 30th and Division.

Transportation: Google Maps has directions. The 2 bus (which used to be the 4 bus) stops outside. Collective Agency Division is 25 minutes from Collective Agency Downtown on the 2 bus, 19 minutes by bicycle, and 17 minutes by car. For biking north/south, it’s much more flat to go on SE 34th Street and east, or SE 20th Street and west.

Cafes and restaurants:

At Collective Agency Division we have coffee, and tea by the Art of Tea.

  • We’re above Imperial Bottle Shop, Stella Taco, and Eb & Bean, and Bollywood Theater, all accessible through the building.
  • There’s a strip of restaurants and cafes along Division, including many within a block. Some member favorites:
    • Flying Cat Coffee is across the street: coffee, tea, soda, snacks.
    • Dapper & Wise is a cafe one block up on the corner of SE Division and 32nd and opens 6am.
    • Kati Portland at 2932 SE Division St is Thai food, open for lunch 11:30-3pm.
    • PDX Sliders at 3111 SE Division St has burgers, sandwiches, salad, and is open for lunch and dinner 11am-9pm.
    • Bula Kava at 3115 SE Division St has kava and healthy lunch food, opens for lunch and happy hour 11am-11pm.
    • St. Honoré Boulangerie is at 3333 SE Division.
    • Atlas Pizza at 3570 SE Division St opens 11:30am.
    • Off the Waffle at 2601 SE Clinton St is open 8am-2pm.
    • Maru at 3810 SE Division opens for lunch 11:30am-2:30pm, a 10 minute walk.
  • There’s a cluster of restaurants at SE Clinton and 26th, a 7 minute walk, including Off the Waffle.
  • New Seasons is at 1954 SE Division St. (503) 445-2888. 8am-10pm daily.