Collective Agency Division

Collective Agency Division is at 3050 SE Division Street, Suite 245, Portland Oregon 97202. It’s our second membership location, and our first East side location.

  • Members have access at both locations: Collective Agency Division and Collective Agency Downtown.
  • Each location is a self-governing community.

Amenities include: free street parking, showers, picnic tables, conference room and phone areas, an outdoor private courtyard, and similar amenities to the main location (all the office workplace things). There is so much in the building!

The building from SE 30th and Division:


Our suite is on the second floor. To get in, you’ll just walk in from one of the building entrances, walk upstairs, and find our suite. Members have keys. New people and visitors will knock on the door and call (503) 517-6900.

Here’s a summer photo on a quiet day:


We have lots of seating and standing options; there’s always room. Membership is for people whose ideal is ‘society-as-family’ and working alongside other people.


There’s outdoor seating, as well as indoor seating.


There’s indoor bicycle parking:


Here’s a video of coming in to the building and going to our location from one of the entrances:

This is the floorplan of the second floor. Our suite is in dark yellow; we have two windows that open, facing the street. There’s a skylight, a sofa area, kitchen area, and work area. The common areas are in light yellow: showers, restrooms, kitchenette area, conference room, lounge areas, private courtyard: