Division FAQ

The Collective Agency Division location is at 3050 SE Division, Suite 245, Portland Oregon 97202. It’s in the Richmond neighborhood and is our second membership location.


  • Lots of free street parking.
  • Indoor bicycle parking room near the mailslots and one of the stairways.
  • BikeTown rack on SE 30th and Division.


  • Google Maps has directions.
  • The 4 bus stops outside. Collective Agency Division is 25 minutes from Collective Agency Downtown on the 4 bus, 19 minutes by bicycle, and 17 minutes by car.
  • For biking north/south, it’s much more flat to go on SE 34th Street and east, or SE 20th Street and west.


  • Conversations are great in the main area. 15 minutes to 3 hours per day of people talking total is common.
  • Up to 20 minutes of phone calls per person per day in the main area is fine in a normal conversational voice, as long as it’s within the Community Guidelines.
  • The sofa lounge on the second floor is good for phone calls, and so are the table and chair areas in the building except immediately to the right of our suite.
  • Each member gets up to 3 hours per day maximum in conference rooms total. You can walk in if it isn’t reserved on this calendar, and you can reserve by emailing division@collectiveagency.co at least 25 hours in advance on business days (before 9am Friday for a 10am Monday meeting). There are three light switches along the entry wall, and be sure to be out before the next meeting on the calendar starts and leave the room as clean or cleaner than you found it.


At Collective Agency Division we have coffee, and tea by the Art of Tea. The nearest cafes are:

  • Flying Cat Coffee is across the street: coffee, tea, soda, snacks.
  • Dapper & Wise is a cafe one block up on the corner of SE Division and 32nd and opens 6am.
  • A full block of food carts is at SE Division and 29th, and have coffee and tea, drinks, and lots of food.
  • Bollywood Theater and Stella Taco have soda and are accessible through the building. Eb & Bean is a frozen yogurt shop downstairs; members get a discount for working in the building.
  • St. Honoré Boulangerie is at 3333 SE Division.



  • many. We’re above Imperial Bottle Shop and across the street from many restaurants.
  • many food carts on SE Division and 29th.
  • Pok Pok is at 3226 SE Division and opens 11:30am.


  • Bike pump: free to use outside the building bike shop Holy Spokes on SE Division.

What else? Email suggestions to council@collectiveagency.co or call (503) 517-6900. Members can make suggestions on the Slack Channel, Google Group, in person, or on the spreadsheet or voting/suggestion form for the Division location.