COVID-19 Building Reminders and Rules by Location

Collective Agency’s physical locations are temporarily closed starting at 12am March 25th except for mailing address and printing, and outdoors areas, and Downtown has access subleased for non-members. Collective Agency Videochat is our newest location, and members are gathering outdoors again. Members are getting emails with the most up-to-date rules/terms, and our Slack channel has even more recent updates. We moved all events to online rooms and starting May 14 some social events are outdoors (those rules are highlighted in green below – be sure to read and agree to them all before you come).

This page includes:

  • Collective Agency’s physical locations are temporarily closed starting at 12am March 25th except for mailing addresses and printing.
  • Temporary Rules for all 3 physical Collective Agency locations
  • Building updates/reminders:
    • Montavilla
    • Division
    • Downtown
  • Videochat events and coworking
  • Executive Order No. 20-12.

Temporary rules for all 3 physical Collective Agency locations (outdoor social events are highlighted in green)

most of these rules were in effect since Wednesday March 18, some were updated Sunday March 22, and there were minor edits May 6. Our open/close dates for the physical locations are tied to the Governor’s Orders of when remote work is legal outside one’s home if you are *able* to get reliable wifi. (If you’re not able to get reliable wifi if you try, or if you’re doing work here that isn’t remote work, then you can come in now.)

Coming in / before coming in:

1. Decide not to come if you think you might be sick or contagious with any cold or flu, and if you think it is, don’t come in for at least 1 week after all symptoms are gone, unless it’s diagnosed as COVID-19, in which case get confirmed by a doctor screening again that it is no longer contagious before you come in.
2. As soon as you come into our suite, wash your hands for 20+ seconds with soap and water (at Division: wash your hands in the kitchen or restroom sinks after you enter the building, then after entering our suite each time, use the hand sanitizer unless you wash your hands in the sinks outside our suite and don’t touch an object directly before entering our suite). After you touch kitchen surfaces or other shared surfaces, please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before touching non-public surfaces.
3. If you’ll have guests, make sure they’re aware of and within the above terms before they meet you. Check with Alex that there’ll be room in advance if you’re not sure.
4. Members won’t host any in-person Collective Agency events of: more people than fit in a conference room or meeting room under the 6+ foot rule at all times including walkways within the spaces, or the limit on gatherings, whichever is fewer people.
At Division that’s 4 people in a private conference room and 5 people (maybe more, TBA) in the courtyard or downstairs meeting area, at Montavilla that’s 3 people in the conference room and 10 people maximum in the backyard; at Downtown that’s currently 2 people in our conference rooms and 10 people in the classroom when available again.

While here:

5. If you have any other kind of cough, sneeze, etc, fully cover your mouth/nose each time with a tissue or your elbow etc just in case, even if “it’s nothing” (see #1 – you won’t be here if you think you might be sick), even if you’re wearing a mask or behind a barrier or in a room by yourself. This is serious and is grounds for ending membership immediately with no refund. Why: half of all transmission is from non-symptomatic people. If you’re allergic to flowers and you sneeze, or if you swallow water wrong and cough, that’s not reducing your risk of getting people infected.
6. Don’t stand, sit, or walk nearby each other: keep 6+ feet please. This is the Governor’s order statewide – anywhere outside a household, people need to keep 6+ feet whenever possible: hallways, sidewalks, supermarkets, etc.

7. Update the sign on the desk when you leave by writing the date and time last used.
8. Wipe down or spray surfaces you’ve touched at the end of the day, including the phone booth if you’ve used it. The alcohol spray needs to sit for 10 minutes; you can just leave it and not wipe it up. Be careful not to spray surfaces that would touch food or beverages; you can use soap and water on it for 20+ seconds.
9. Don’t accept mail or packages for other suites in the building for any reason. If you open the door for UPS etc for our suite, stay at least 6 feet away at all times.

Montavilla-specific additional new rules*:

  • “Decide not to come if you think you might be sick or contagious, or if you’re socializing in-person outside of Collective Agency Montavilla and your household.” is now a Community Guideline for Montavilla.**
  • “After two weeks of being within the above terms, if someone agrees to these new rules (along with the other terms and the community guidelines), then they can be here in person if they:
    • a) are a member,
    • b) want to be a new member,
    • c) are in a member’s household and come as the member’s guest.”

*temporary = Wording for all these questions is clarified with something like, “The intent is that as soon as it’s clearly safe to do so (whether that’s in a month or a year or whenever), we can
remove these stipulations. These measures will be held in place for the foreseeable future—until the CDC, WHO, and other health organizations agree that COVID is no longer a threat and recommend that such extreme measures are no longer necessary, at which point the temporary rules/guidelines will no longer be in effect unless members vote to continue/modify them.”

**”Socializing in-person outside of Collective Agency Montavilla and your household” is something each person at Montavilla will need to be aware of, but there isn’t yet agreement on what that specifically means. It’s similar to “Clean up after yourself” which is an existing guideline; prioritizing it is important, and disagreeing with doing it isn’t within the guidelines, but there isn’t a specific ruleset for the definition and there can be some variability, similar to how someone might want to scrub down their desk after using it, and someone else might want to just clean any crumbs off. Specifically, ‘socializing’ or ‘household’ is open for a broad interpretation based on the ‘very much no’ comment.)

Division reminders/updates from the building manager:

There are large signs at the Division building. In addition to Collective Agency rules, it says that in the building, you may be asked to wear a mask.
1. “Door systems [may] be used to reduce open hours with tenant access by fob or code.” Members have a key code which you might need to access the building anytime; never give the code to someone whom you’re not sure is a member. Message Alex if you don’t know what the code is or which entry has the key code panel. Don’t hold the door for people when you come in unless you’re sure they work in the building.

2. “In the event [Collective Agency or another] Tenant has been informed of a confirmed case of COVID-19 among [a member or employee]:

  1. Provide [building management] with notice that a member of their office (no names or personal information) has been confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 by health authorities.
  2. If possible, provide a relevant date/timeline of recent visit(s) to the Premises.
  3. Follow CDCOHA / WDH guidelines for proper response to the potential outbreak including cleaning/isolation of potential areas of contact within the Premises.

In response to notification to management, [building management] will take the following steps:

  1. Inform building owner, tenants and building vendors of the reported activity within the building. No personal information or rumored activity will be shared. “an employee of a tenant within the building . . . “
  2. Coordinate, with landlord approval, on CDC recommended protocol for deep cleaning and sanitizing of all common area hard surfaces that were likely to have been exposed (elevators, lobby furniture, railings, common area doors, door handles, etc)”

3. “…the contracted maintenance… have informed us of their ongoing attention to hard surface cleaning and relevant use of disinfectants. With that in mind, it is important to acknowledge that routine cleaning will not make every surface safe for every user. Following CDC protocol for proper washing of hands, avoiding touching face and eyes and social distancing are the primary protection against transmission.”

And: “We appreciate the seriousness with which everyone is taking this crisis. … We will need to rely on clear communication and cooperation to come through this difficult time and resume normal operations in the near future.”

Downtown building reminders/updates:

All common areas outside our suite are closed except for elevators and restrooms (showers are closed), and all high touch surfaces outside our suite are being extra cleaned regularly.

Events and Coworking by Videochat:

Collective Agency member events and coworking is at Collective Agency Videochat. It’s as busy there as it was at any of our physical locations in the previous era. We’re focusing on members right now, so talk with you soon! Collective Agency Videochat is open for tours or day trials, and new members. Or email for a conversation starter. See the old calendar at And videochat coworking info is at

“By Governor’s orders yesterday and confirmed by our real estate lawyer this morning, here’s the *only* ways the physical locations are open until the crisis or these rules are announced ended or changed by the Governor. Starting at midnight tonight:

1. All Collective Agency locations are still open for mail pickup and small enough packages to go in our mail slots (Division has the largest secure mail delivery box), and printing. And if you’d like your mail forwarded to you weekly, I can do that too, just email me.
2. For any member who wants to come in to water the plants or do cleaning or pick up things, they may do that; message me to coordinate on schedule.
3a. For any member who does not have the *ability* to get internet connection at home somehow for them to do work (internet through their phone, or any internet company at all):

  • If they don’t have internet yet, they can come in only until they get it ASAP by making an effort ASAP.
  • If they live where there isn’t enough phone signal and no internet provider and no other internet option possible at home, they have to message me and then they can keep coming in until it *is* possible for them to have internet at home.

3b. If they have work like a therapist where some of their clients would need them to be in an office and not at home, they may come in only for those therapist calls, for example. They have to message me if they would do that.

4. Members need to minimize the number of visits for any of the above tasks, and the amount of time they are physically on-site needs to be limited to the minimum amount of time necessary for the above tasks. [The six-foot rule, other orders/laws for the crisis, and temporary rules for Collective Agency, apply at all times, see below.]

5. If I’m forgetting something, ask me about it before you come in.

6. Distractions at home, lack of comfort at home, not being able to focus at home, being in an ‘essential’ role or industry, etc, are *not* an allowable reason to come in. (We’ve only had two members coming in, the last 5 days it was still legal, one per location.)

7. From talking with the lawyer, the law is *super*-clear for Collective Agency’s physical locations. When the law changes, that’ll be the new law and I’ll send out an update.

8. Disclaimer: This is not intended as legal advice for anyone’s business, other than setting the rules regarding coming in to Collective Agency’s physical locations.

Videochat and Slack are the new Collective Agency coworking spaces with cozy community. and has the info. [More information about that, and upcoming member events at Videochat, was sent out soon after.]”

Executive Order No. 20-12 

was issued the morning of March 23 for the State of Oregon, and the parts below are still in effect for our office suites. Here’s what might be the most relevant text for members and Collective Agency (this page is not providing legal advice). There are additional earlier orders too which still apply. Bold is added here:

“Stay Home, Save Lives

1. It is essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the State of Oregon during the ongoing state of emergency… To that end… I am am ordering the following:

e. Failure to comply with any of the provisions of this Executive Order constitutes an imminent threat and creates an immmediate danger to public health. Any person found to be in violation of this Executive Order is subject to the penalties described in ORS 401.990. [“Any person knowingly violating any provision of this chapter, or any of the rules, regulations or orders adopted and promulgated under this chapter, shall, upon conviction thereof, be guilty of a Class C misdemeanor [“Under Oregon law, a Class C misdemeanor is punishable by up to 30 days in jail, a fine of up to $1,250, or both.”].“]

Workplace Restrictions

9. …effective March 25, 2020, all businesses and non-profit entities with offices in Oregon shall facilitate telework and work-at-home by employees, to the maximum extent possible. Work in offices is prohibited wherever telework and work-at-home options are available, in light of position duties, availability of teleworking equipment, and network adequacy.

10. When telework and work-from-home options are not available, businesses and non-profits must deisgnate an employee or officer to establish, implement, and enforce social distancing policies, consistent with guidance from the Oregon Health Authority. Such policies also must address how the business or non-profit will maintain social distancing protocols for business-critical visitors.

11. Businesses and non-profits that fail to comply with paragraphs 9 and 10 of this Executive Order will be closed until they demostrate compliance.


23. The directives in this Executive Order are effective statewide.

24. This Executive Order is a public health law…

This Executive Order is effective immediately, and remains in effect until terminated by the Governor.

Done at Salem, Oregon this 23rd day of March, 2020.

Kate Brown, Governor.”