Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines are part of the Terms of Service.

The following applies to the entire Collective Agency community. It is a simple statement of the expectations within which we all work. Please read it with care.

  • Every society has rules of conduct by which the members of the society agree to abide.
  • Collective Agency is a society of creative persons who inhabit a common space.
  • In Collective Agency, individuals are prized for their individuality, but no individual has the right to inflict harm upon others or to destroy or lessen that which should be available to all.

To these ends, the following apply, in the physical workspace and, as applicable, online:

1. OWN responsibility for your actions.
2. HOLD each other accountable.
3. BE an active participant in your membership.
4. IF needed, confront with respect (how you’d like to be confronted).
5. HAVE a considerate level of voice (and language). Place cellphones on vibrate.
6. CLEAN up after yourself.
7. HELP to keep common areas tidy.
8. BE mindful of valuables; yours and others.
9. WHEN informally meeting in common areas, be considerate of other members. Book a meeting room if in doubt.