Five Great Spots for Freelancers to Work in Portland

Being a freelancer comes with a lot of freedom. For the most part, you get to decide when you work, how you work, what you wear, and (best of all) where you work. But as anyone who’s crashed up against a deadline after days of procrastination knows, freedom can sometimes be a crippling thing. It can be tempting to just stay at home all day, or go somewhere you know isn’t conducive to getting work done. Here are five spots in downtown Portland that are both both fun and freelancer friendly.

Central Library

The Multnomah County Central Library is an oldie, but a goodie. The grand architecture and hushed tones lend an air of importance to whatever you’re doing, and the long wooden tables are ideal for spreading work out on. The WiFi is free, and the lack of a cafe will help you save the few extra bucks on coffee, which can add up if you work five days a week.

World Cup Coffee and Tea

Located inside Powell’s Bookstore, World Cup isn’t as calm as the library, but it does have a similar unofficial workspace vibe. Most patrons are either reading or on their laptops, so you’ll fit right in, and outlets abound. The refreshments are relatively inexpensive, and you can get a pot of tea for a few bucks that will last through you an entire rainy afternoon of typing.

Collective Agency

If you’re a serious freelancer who wants to go to the next level, you might consider investing in a membership at Collective Agency, considered to be the best public workspace in Portland. Far from a traditional office, Collective Agency is more like a giant cozy loft full of people committed to the freelance lifestyle. Membership is $250 a month, but if you’re on the fence, try the day trial first.

Stumptown Coffee

Some people like their workspaces quiet, and some thrive in chaos. Renowned coffeehouse Stumptown is perfect for that second type of freelancer. At their flagship SW 3rd Street location, rock music spins on vinyl, an open, industrial vibe provides plenty of workspace, and a caffeinated buzz hangs in the air. If you need a jolt of energy to fuel your next project, Stumptown is the place.

Behind the Museum Cafe

Though technically it’s across from the Portland Art Museum, Behind the Museum lives up to its name by being a cozy, unique workspace. The Japanese teahouse offers delicately brewed teas, delightfully curated snacks, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere pervades. If you want to mix some culture into your workday, try this spot.

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