Collective Agency is the only Portland coworking company where 100% of people coming in are within the law while here. We’ve always enforced the law within our spaces, and no other coworking company in Portland is (we have 3 out of Portland’s 35+ coworking locations). 1 other location is closed for members but not for some meetings, and all others are open for members “who want to come in to cowork”. While we’ve had a big dip in recurring revenue, it sounds like we’re doing better financially than any other coworking space compared to before the crisis, and it sounds like we have more online participation on videochat than any other coworking space I know of in the world that also has a physical location.

Events this week: StoryShare dinner tonight, lunch every weekday, doing taxes together tomorrow afternoon, Pomodoro coworking…

Please refer people if they care about health/ethics, cozy community, and would want to support and be part of this.

Written by Alex Linsker