“^ just had a really nice time at virtual group lunch.
Highly recommend other people join, esp if you are working from home these days! 1f642@2x Online group lunch for members

– a member

Tomorrow (Tuesday March 17th) a few of us will have another informal lunch at noon, and at 2pm is the Montavilla weekly meeting. See the link in our Collective Agency Slack channel to join the videochat online, or message me for the link at least a little bit in advance of the start time.

I was surprised how much I liked the Google Hangouts – it shows the person talking in the main screen, and feels a lot more like an in-person conversation than I was expecting.

Towards the end of it, another member said,

“I’m feeling better now, just talking with you guys for the last hour.”

We’ll start with the one link, as one lunch table, and if it gets to 5+ people, we can expand to a second or third table link. If it gets to be a larger group, different people can host different tables.

A member suggested they like to talk with people they don’t interact with all the time, to avoid things getting clique-y. To shuffle it up. When you click the videolink, before you join the table, it shows you who’s there.


  • We can do Lightning Talks sometimes, to mix it up.
  • Or things to keep in touch and keep people engaged with each other.
  • We can do screensharing.
  • We can have an online talent show option.
    • Teija can juggle or play piano.
    • I can play piano or provide a 15-minute absurdist play for 4 members to read, that’s strange and gets laughs.
  • We can tour an online museum together.
  • Etc.
  • To make your own ‘table’ link, you could go to: hangouts.google.com -> video call for link.
Written by Alex Linsker