I sent this email to members at noon today, Tuesday March 16th, and am posting it here as an update/insight into the community and operations.


Hi there,

Thank you to members for being an intentional community, for good vibes, for organizing things you very much care about, and for verbalizing and making happen what you very much want.

I’ve never seen the news get updated so much so fast about something. This email got redrafted a few times over the past few days.

Late last week, at least a few members wanted a survey sent out to see how members are feeling about the COVID-19 coronavirus, and a few members and myself wrote questions: Survey [link was emailed to members] As always, if it might stress you to think about a survey or vote, or if you don’t really want to, please don’t, and it always works out here. You can fill it out by this Thursday 3pm, and I’ll send out the results.

Please add other questions to it in the comments or message me with any questions. I’m personally doing a lot of physical distancing, which most people call social distancing, and I’m supplementing it with more social outreach through phone calls, video chats, and texting. I’ve reduced interactions within 3-6 feet or less of people to less than 15% of what I was doing before a week ago, even to as little as 0%. I’m talking with friends who’ve owned other coworking spaces whom I respect a lot, and am part of some coworking global groups.

– There’s a call-in conference call number for weekly meetings, etc. I’ve started a Collective Agency conference call number at: [phone number sent in email]. The host PIN is: [sent in email] (if any member ever wants to organize a call with another member or members, you can just do it). If you’re on the FreeConferenceCall.com desktop or mobile app, you can use the online meeting ID: [sent in email] and the PIN to login online is [sent in email]. Recording is set to off. It’s 2pm Tuesday for Montavilla, 12pm Wednesday for Downtown unless there’s another event on the calendar, in which case it’s flexible (let’s say 3pm unless that changes), and 2pm Thursday for Division. There’s also a Google Hangouts [link was sent in email] link for group chat – I think if you click that link, you can connect with other members who are there. I’ll be on both for the meetings if people join either at least by the start of the meeting.

– Also, if there’s interest in shorter group calls throughout the day on a group number, or something like that, like how the Pomodoro has been happening especially at Montavilla, a 5 minute group chat after 25 minutes of work, and then a longer group chat every now and then, that or anything is a creative option. Posting on Slack would be a way to organize that. Or a group lunch.

– On the Collective Agency Slack there’s now a #covid-19 channel. If you want an open communication channel about COVID-19 specific topics, that’s an option. The #general Slack channel has also been used for general discussions in the past, snowdays etc, it was originally set up by 5 members so that we could easier share communication across more than one location, and there are all the other channels there too, including #pictures-of-pets . And if anyone wants to chat about anything for social connection or otherwise, I’m available as always through the regular Collective Agency phone number (503) 915-4769 by text or voice, or on email or Slack, and I’m more than happy to try to organize a remote group conversation, and any member can organize that too.

– I’ve taken conference room and event rentals by *non-members* off the website, it isn’t an option for awhile. I’m confident doing that would pass the modified consensus process; it was very little revenue in the past year and I think it’d raise costs by too much to make it worthwhile now anyway.

– We’re still open although with *much* less people there than usual.
– The Downtown building owner announced a few minutes ago that the gym and the lounge that goes with it is closed for the foreseeable future, and awhile ago they announced they’re cleaning all building high-touch surfaces like elevator buttons and building handles and surfaces outside our suite, etc.
– I’m going to assume that everyone’s read the CDC Guidelines. They’re at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/prevention.html and https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/steps-when-sick.html Also check out the concept of “social distancing” if you haven’t yet. Search what the current rules are for Oregon or Portland, since those are updating often (the Governor will likely make an announcement today).
– There are alcohol wipes (70%+ or 60%+ alcohol to be effective; the babywipes aren’t effective to kill viruses) and alcohol spray (spray needs to be left on the surface to be wet for 10 minutes to be effective) and screenwipes and other things. Cleaning has been increased by members volunteering to wipe down high-touch surfaces and desktops, keyboards and mice, handles, countertops, etc.

Collective Agency has the Community Guidelines, which are the core of the code of conduct. There are a few sentences relevant to health. As always, please do be aware of those guidelines (I check them often). If new rules were to be made in addition to what’s already on the website, I’m open to anything that would pass the modified consensus process we have here. If you’d like, you can add suggestions or join a recommendations committee via the Survey [link was emailed to members] There’s also an anonymous feedback form [link was emailed to members], if ever of interest. It’s rarely used but very effective.

Unless the federal, state, city, county government, or the building owners at each location make rule changes, or unless members make rule changes through the modified consensus process, all the Collective Agency rules and terms stay as they are. I’m also watching the CDC recommendations, and Seattle and Washington State, Los Angeles and California, and NYC and New York State, since that’s where the virus spread earlier.

And thank you to members for being an intentional community, for good vibes, for organizing things you very much care about, and for verbalizing and making happen what you very much want.


Here’s a link to the Survey.


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Division: 3050 SE Division Street, Suite 245 • Portland Oregon 97202
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Written by Alex Linsker