A common question guests ask when they visit Collective Agency is, “Who painted the art?”

All the art is either painted by members, a family member of a member, or Portland artists.

Art at Montavilla, as of the start of 2020, is three big murals with abstract geometric colorful shapes. Each was designed and painted by 4 to 6 members at three different mural-painting happy hours. You can see photos (in reverse order) of the most recent mural-painting here. Montavilla also has many plants, which were a top request by members in the ‘nice things to buy’ category, as the main decorative items. Members also have brought in many plants of their own.

At Division there are six photos and a painting that a member brought in, by her dad, a photo printed of a drawing another member made on the whiteboard, a cat head sculpture a member brought in, and two abstract Portland cityscapes that Collective Agency commissioned. There are plants, some that were gifted by members in 2011 soon after we started, and some gifted by members in 2017. At least one member has started bringing in plants on his desk – he says they grow better here than at his home. Division has a disco ball, which a member brought in on the back of his bicycle many years ago – we turn it on for parties, point a projector at it, and turn on music.

At Downtown there are two big murals that were gifted soon after we opened in 2011 by an artist, two paintings gifted by another artist and a painting commissioned by that artist, a painting gifted by another artist, and a painting gifted by a member. There are plants that were bought, and a tomato plant that was brought in by a member from her garden – it grew two tomatoes its first season and now has many vines.

Written by Alex Linsker