“I LOVE working at Collective Agency. The concept and practice of a democratic work-space has brought together a community of folks who are looking for more than a desk to work at. They’re looking for a welcoming community, where they can get serious work done, but also share a lunch break and conversation. Group activities like bike to lunch, game night / happy hour, book club, and afternoon strolls for ice cream are what I was really looking for in my co-working environment, and make me appreciate being a part of this community. But I also appreciate not feeling pressured to join group events when I have a lot of work to get done.

After working at the Division office for a year (also great!), I switched to the Montavilla office right after it opened. I love the neighborhood, and the layout of the Montavilla office space. Lots of opportunities for after-work happy hours and movie showings. Great food carts down the street. Low-key neighborhood vibe. The office itself has a great outdoor yard space with a picnic table, safe bike parking, lots of options for making phone and video calls, good internet, a cozy couch area, great people, and so much more! Highly recommended!”

– Lindsey Sanders AAuE7mBCi_Imp3TNa1O8A9rFmXx8bQ6RkNtw76k1TxlnXg=s40-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo 3 reviews of the new Collective Agency Montavilla coworking office by members

“I’m one of those people who researches everything very thoroughly before committing. I spent a month or more learning about espresso machines before buying one I’m still happy with over 5 years later.

So believe me when I say that I did my research—and concluded that Collective Agency is the best co-working space in Portland. I did trial days at several different places, including the Division location of Collective Agency, prior to committing to a full-on membership.

To me, the best part of working in an office is the ability to connect with and even form friendships with those sharing the space with you. After working out of my home office for the past 6 years, I realized that being alone all day, every day, just isn’t healthy for me.

The other co-working spaces I tried were nice, had great amenities, and were convenient in a lot of ways. But none of them has the kind of culture that Alex Linsker has cultivated. So far, from what I’ve seen, he has been an incredible example of a leader, because his goal is clearly to serve the members, and create the workspaces that we want.

People at other coworking spaces don’t talk to each other, except for maybe a courteous “hello” while you pass each other getting coffee. Even the events that are held by some coworking spaces seem to be geared more towards “networking” with only professional advancement goals in mind—i.e. “what can these people offer me to further my business/career?” There’s not anything wrong with that per se… But the events at Collective Agency seem more genuine, with the entire goal being genuine human connection…

And really, isn’t that the most important thing? Speaking as someone who hasn’t had an “IRL” community for 6 years, let me tell you… It is.

With other co-working spaces, your membership fees probably go towards practical things keeping the office lights on, rent, and paying the people who own/manage the space. And of course, those things are necessary.

But with Collective Agency, Alex takes all that above and beyond. Not only is Collective Agency the only co-working space I found that actually supplies extra equipment like cables, connectors, spare chargers, and even extra monitors to collect your laptop to… Alex also makes sure that there is enough high quality equipment for every member to use (for example, he’s upgrading some of the computer monitors at one location currently), and he spends money on extra things to encourage the communal vibes like games and couches, plus he encourages (but doesn’t mandate) member participation and involvement.

If all you want is a place to plunk down your laptop and get some work done, by all means, go with the most convenient co-working space.

However, if you’re looking, not just for productivity, but for intentional community, led by someone who truly cares about what you want—then you need to hurry up and join Collective Agency, like, yesterday.”

– Iris Strauss AAuE7mDvD9Q46rckqbN-esEaPHcHUJENe1iSJSJ4f6bMeA=s40-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo 3 reviews of the new Collective Agency Montavilla coworking office by members

“A friendly, cozy and democratic neighborhood coworking space in the heart of downtown Montavilla. What’s not to love?? Alex, the founder/owner, is awesome and deeply values building an organic community centered around inclusivity and equality. This is CA’s third location which recently opened on August 1, 2019.

Collective Agency is a chill place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business teams and other professionals in Portland to work and be social. Weekly member meetings provide ample opportunities to contribute, provide feedback, and get to know others.

The Montavilla space’s highlights include: air conditioning, hardwood floors, natural lighting, incredibly fast high speed internet, conference room, and even a backyard for social engagements. Additionally, this location offers immediate access to all of the wonderful spots downtown Montavilla has to offer: food trucks, Flying Pie Pizzeria, Academy Theater, lunch spots, local breweries, cocktail lounges, and many other lesser known gems.

If you’re working from home and on the fence about coworking, or simply need a change of scenery from the larger, corporate coworking offices, Collective Agency is a fantastic place to plant your roots and thrive.”

– Scott Werley AAuE7mDkPhYR6bUhlPdCijQPP_rY0-xwwuvofalM9tU9LQ=s40-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo 3 reviews of the new Collective Agency Montavilla coworking office by members

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Written by Alex Linsker