We have so many events at Collective Agency, and for more than a year and a half now, members organize all of them (except for the weekly meetings that are every week at each location). Here’s one of the emails that recently went out to members about events:


  1. Claire is organizing volunteering for the Oregon Food Bank again 6-830pm January 11th and February 8th. Full info at https://collectiveagency.co/event/volunteering-at-the-oregon-food-bank-6-830pm/ and RSVP here!

“Happy New Year everyone! I am reaching out to gauge interest in two different activities: volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank and rock climbing at the Circuit! I am trying to do OFB the 2nd Thursday of each month so the next shift is 1/11 and the following one will be 2/8. I created a google doc for people to add their name to so we know who else is coming but remember you still need to reserve your spot online at https://www.oregonfoodbank.org/! Family and friends are welcome (kids too!)”

2.  Karaoke is Thursday February 15th, 7-915pm, at Voicebox SE. RSVP here! Full info at https://collectiveagency.co/event/karaoke-7-915pm/

This is similar to what we did September 15th, by popular request. It sounds like 8 or 12 members are very interested and will come. Members who mostly work at Division organized this, so it’ll be at the SE Voicebox Karaoke with private rooms, 734 SE 6th Ave, 7-915pm there. There wasn’t one date that worked for everyone but this date seems best. Sara has a discount coupon for us and the total room cost is $50, it’ll be shared by people who come. We’ll meet at 7pm for check-in, bring your ID.

3.  Valentine’s Day Lunch, February 14th, 12-1pm, at Collective Agency Division. This is a new event suggested by Stefanie, and there is interest from members at the weekly meeting today. It’ll be similar to the Thanksgiving lunch we had – Stefanie will bring her great-grandmother’s tablecloth, we’ll have lunch, we’ll express appreciation for things. I’ll lead an exercise where we go around and say an: identity, label, object, or experience that we’ve had when we feel super-great at work. (We could do variations on this not just for work.) If you have suggestions for what else you’d like, we can do that too!

And the events that were listed in the last email: full info at https://collectiveagency.co/events/2018-01/

  1. Book Club – Tuesday January 16th, 12pm to 1pm. At Collective Agency Downtown.
  2. Dog Day – Friday January 19th, all day. At Collective Agency Division.
  3. Functional Programming – January 10th and 24th 630-830pm at Collective Agency Division, and January 15th 630-830pm at Collective Agency Downtown.
  4. Optional Weekly Member Meetings – Wednesdays 2-220pm at Collective Agency Downtown, and Thursdays 2-220pm at Collective Agency Division, except for January 3rd and 4th when it’s Wednesday at Division and Thursday Downtown.
Written by Alex Linsker