sara-reviewed-collective-agency1 A Facebook reviewThere are obvious benefits of a coworking membership: a place to focus outside of your house, consistently fast internet, office supplies and amenities, and a reason to put on pants in the morning. What sets Collective Agency apart from other coworking places are its members: some of the most genuine, open, and passionate individuals I have ever met. Being a member here has given me the chance to develop meaningful relationships with people I may have never met otherwise, gain skills I can put toward my own work, and build my professional network ten fold. Add in the awesome events, like monthly bookclubs, happy hours, and lightening talks, and ColAg could easily fill up your calendar with things to do and people to meet. If you are new in town, a membership here would jumpstart your social life by 1000. If you’re an old Portlander like me, this place gives you the opportunity to connect with new people every day. Also, unlike some “hipster” coworking places about town, there is no snoody attitude. This place is 100% run by its members with the help of our awesome community manager Alex. We have furniture arranging parties, decide on guidelines, and plan events together. I love it and brag about it being able to do my work here to my friends and family! Come check us out simple-smile A Facebook review

Written by Alex Linsker