After five and a half years, on Saturday February 25th 2017 we’ll move from NW to 1410 SW Morrison.

This page has info and photos about the new west side location, Collective Agency Morrison. It’s on the top floor of the Tiffany Center, on the Red and Blue MAX lines and a 9 minute walk from Pioneer Place/Courthouse Square and a 7 minute walk from the block of food carts at SW 10th and Alder; the ‘far carts’ will become the near carts.

8 members visited two weeks ago, about 20 of us talked about it at the open member meetings and the happy hour, and the lease was signed later that week. There were almost 10 places that were options, but this meets member requirements and requests much better than any of the others.

If anyone would like to go over and see it before we move, coordinate with me and a bunch of us can go over together.

Since signing the lease, members voted for the location name (Morrison), and to not continue with meeting rentals by non-members after the move at that location.

We’ll bring all our furniture, equipment, lighting, art, and keep what we’d like that’s there.

Written by Alex Linsker