Sara Sara wrote the first Yelp review about our newest location, Collective Agency Division.

“I’ve only been a member of this co-working space for a week but love it already. The people here are all friendly and passionate individuals who work hard, but are happy to chat / help you out.

The east side location is smaller than the old town one, but well on its way to being cozy. You get a lot of great benefits / amenities as a member: printers and office supplies, meeting spaces and conference rooms, parking, etc, so it’s a great choice for any entrepreneur who is tired of working in isolation. Also they do fun events if you’re into socializing.”

KeithAnd Keith wrote about Collective Agency NW.

“I’ve loved everything about Collective Agency. It’s super clean, organized, and the price is right. Would highly suggest if you’re looking for a coworking spot in PDX.”

Written by Alex Linsker