Tom Wall worked here on where members got to see its growth over time at our Works-in-Progress Sharing events, and I’ve enjoyed using the Graphla Word Cloud feature. Here’s the Word Cloud of all the Collective Agency Yelp reviews from the past 5 years.

Reviews are great for here because it lets us see what people want and think, in their own words. Reviews help shape what we appreciate and what we become, as a place and as a community, to, of, and for the people here.

And here’s the most frequent words sorted from most to least frequent, sorted with one of our in-house apps:

“to I of for is space in collective agency are with great this or my you work people Alex was that on has place have working it from community at all there be as when we so out other it’s if home here friendly your office free food coworking business area about up really love get coffee can but which rooms Portland members member meeting lunch kitchen always what their staff relaxed PDX owner many lots large just I’ve had group good feel conference comfortable check by been very they than tech spaces snacks shared share several room needed multiple much me loft location I’m few environment easy done atmosphere around also would were welcoming want vibe use team some small since see recommend professional productive private phone paying others open often not nice network need most meetings making looking like its into internet hold highly help full first during don’t come clean bike away available you’re workspace while where week visited time throughout things super spacious reservation regularly quiet plus plenty places per over our options one offices no never networking more inviting however hours hour ground go give furniture focused filled fantastic excellent everyone events enjoyed eats downtown do desk decision days co-working could couches central carts calls bring both between being awesome any affordable access”

Written by Alex Linsker