sabrina 3 Yelp reviews by members: Sabrina, Barry, Gavynn“Great space for coworking. Open seating with lots of space, some with a monitor or a standing desk. Never a problem to grab a conference room to make a call or host a meeting, which is great.

The number of people working here fluctuates but it is always pretty quiet and a productive atmosphere. Plus, the people are super friendly and there are lots of great food options just a short walk away.”


“This is a great combination of friendliness with an environment where you can focus on work without distractions.

It’s always clean, there’s coffee, everything always works (like the internet) and Alex (the owner) continually seeks (and acts on) feedback regarding what’s working great and what could work better.

My productivity has improved much since i started using Collective Agency as my office at least 2-3 days each week. In addition to that, the ability to use it as my nonprofit’s mailing address (completely dependable) has saved me some administrative headaches.”


“This place is amazing! Alex, the owner is great and always eager to help and the community is very friendly. The coffee flow is never ending and the necessary tools to be productive are always available. Definitely come check this place out if you’re looking for an inspiring coworking space”


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Written by Alex Linsker