Happy almost-summer!

Collective Agency has been growing the number of members here, and we’ve also expanded into our second location which is literally across the street from our main location and provides a big room for workshops, trainings, meetings and teambuilding off-sites of up to 30 people in an art gallery. Also, Collective Agency now has downtown car parking. Over time we’ll be expanding into additional locations across Portland, each slightly different.

For membership, to have this be your workplace:

People come here to get out of the house and work alongside other people. Productive work is the main value here, and friendships through conversations over time are valued too.

The most popular membership options are 6-days-a-month and as-many-days-as-you-want.

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For meetings:

Non-members rent conference rooms and the Gallery (our newest location) and Loft.

From a utility company recently renting the Loft for a stakeholder meeting, to marketing companies renting the Gallery for a team-building exercises, to Portland’s best-known companies across all industries renting the SW and NW Conference Rooms for board meetings, visioning workshops, teambuilding and trainings, meetings are inspired in our creative community cozy workplace,

And add happy surprises and inspiration to the experience of working here. The sound of laughter coming through closed doors, and then people walking through them super-smiling later, is one of my favorites.

558c6a04-83e0-4165-a3be-f48062623df11 Newsletter: Membership growing well, and an additional location
Five years ago on June 20th 2011 was the first organizing meeting by the Collective Agency coordinating council. We opened with our own location August 1st.

Summer, Fitz, I and a couple of other people got together and at the first meeting they asked: Why? Why do we want more people here and more art on the walls? And we came back the next week and made the Community Mission Statement, which has remained pretty much the same ever since:

“A cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!”


Written by Alex Linsker