We had Lightning Talks for the first time in awhile, last Thursday. Six of us met on the sofas and shared what we’re working on for five minutes each. Next time we’ll have a few minutes for conversation after each talk, and an egg timer, because members suggested that.

As shown in the photo above, Don talked about BitCoin: “You see the currency by giving it away.” Each person said things that got me thinking. I’ve heard about BitCoin but never would have thought of that. Same with everything else people said; I might have heard of the topic, but I wouldn’t have seen it the way they do, and I learned and was inspired by hearing it.

A few weeks ago we had a lunch where people talked about: farming crickets, agile project management, and submitting story ideas to magazines.

The talks led to more individual conversations after, and over time, people become friends.

Written by Alex Linsker