9457f843-33e0-4014-beec-d470c4f9d6fc1 Newsletter: 30-best in the world, and opening upEvery year Collective Agency gets rated as one of the 30-best in the world at something, and this month I’m happy to be recognized on this list “30 Most Influential People in Coworking” https://collectiveagency.co/press/ along with friends and many other great people, for Collective Agency coworking and thinking about culture at work. And now there are 10,000 coworking places!

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Free Days were a success, and people coming by for tours and to try us out and for free days are all qualifying to be here with a quiz [Edit: since taken down and not needed.]. The passing score was 20 but I lowered it to 17 (1 in 2 people qualifies now). Almost everybody says they like it, and the quiz helps them understand the culture here, and they understand that if they pass, they’re wanted here.

I want to try every weekday with a free option, 10am-4pm, in the big loft room and kitchen only with no conference room or monitor access, and conversations and some helping out required each day. (Nothing changes for members except more people here.) Here’s an RSVP and info:https://www.facebook.com/groups/collectiveagency and http://www.meetup.com/Collective-Agency-community-workplace/ It’s going great; we now have a gift/sharing economy as well as our paid economy.

431df767-4d9d-4acf-af98-007f858d57f61 Newsletter: 30-best in the world, and opening upCollective Agency was recently described:

I was so grateful I found Collective Agency my first month in Portland…. a focused space and value connection and community.” -Leah

“It’s a very work-oriented environment. I can sit here and really get a lot of work done. It’s been as productive an environment as I’ve had since I’ve been working on my own. And the second thing is kind of the opposite, it’s the social aspect. I’ve learned things technically that I can use on my website, and I’ve gotten to talk with people about what I’m doing and that’s one way people learn about it. So that’s two huge benefits.” -Barry

What does Membership include that free days don’t? 24/7 access, 3 hours every day in our many conference rooms,computer monitors, storage and mailing address, visitors, and no need to have conversations or help out every day.

We added the option of a week trial for people who think they are likely or very likely to become members, because every day here can be a little bit different: sometimes brunch in the kitchen, sometimes lunch on the sofas, sometimes various walks for bagels, different people who regularly come in here on various days, some days sunny with lots of natural light and air conditioning, some days cloudy and rainy outside with the heat on inside, and always the options of different conversations and connections about so many things.

54abd8a9-673c-47e5-93d4-7c0add209c591 Newsletter: 30-best in the world, and opening upMeeting rentals by non-members for up to 14 people in conference rooms (and up to 125 people for events) are popular here too, and I’m happy that with members and meetings we’ve had recurring clients — the same people and companies coming back, plus new people and companies — for years.

Working here, and referring people by writing and talking about us, is how we grow.

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Happy Spring, and come and work here!

Written by Alex Linsker