leah-w-280px Community review by Leah“I was so grateful I found Collective Agency my first month in Portland. I’ve learned I need spaces outside my own home that don’t require me to purchase food, provide a focused space and value connection and community. Collective Agency is just that.

I’ve been attending the Free Days (see their website, FB or Meet-up page for details). This has been a great way to pop in when I need to, contribute my energy towards the betterment of the space/community, have a focused and pleasing working environment and network with others.

A few other things to note: Alex is welcoming, supportive and offers a nice foundation for a company this is also open to change in order to meet the needs of its people (workplace democracy, folks!). The space is clean, nicely decorated and has a good overall feeling. There is a great balance between invitations to engage with others (socials, shared lunch, asking questions to others throughout the day, networking boards) and the permission to dive into a focused work space. There are paying and free options to use the space– an example of how Alex wants to listen and connect peoples’ needs and unused resources to build a greater whole.

And finally…feedback is welcomed. Don’t just be a person showing up…be yourself!

All this being said, if you’re at all curious, stop by for one of the free days. No fiscal investment needed. Just consider how you can network with folks, if you want to join the food truck run for lunch, and what you want to get done in your day.”

For more reviews see http://www.yelp.com/biz/collective-agency-portland

Written by Alex Linsker