Four of Jessica Brackett’s paintings of puddles in Portland are now on view at Collective Agency until the end of April. I have had the pleasure of watching this series develop since this past fall. These are among her most ambitious works yet. I am drawn to gazing into their reflections, and occasionally find myself lost entirely in their illusionary worlds. After hanging the art, it was fun to watch people come in and see it for the first time, a few people really took their time getting close up, and letting the paintings sink in. Several people have commented that they like the paintings, and they were happy to see new art here. The goal is for the artwork to inspire, and to be an oasis when eyes need to take a break from the screen, and rest on something beautiful.

A bit more about the artist: Jessica Brackett is an exhibiting artist based in Portland, Oregon. She received her BFA in Painting and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute. In her latest series, she explores themes of beauty, impermanence and elevating the mundane. She seeks to inspire in others a sense of playful wonder and awe for the everyday, though temporary, beauty that surrounds us.

Written by Heather Anacker