I’m excited for these upcoming events, all will be here. Info is at: http://collectiveagency.co/events/2016-03/

  • March 2nd, First Wednesdays 2-2:30pm: Member meeting.
  • March 3rd, First Thursdays 5-7pm: Game Night Happy Hour.
  • March 4th, First Fridays 10am-4pm: First Fridays Free Days.
  • March 8th, Second Tuesdays 11am-12pm: Waffle Brunch.

What else? Recently two new 24″ computer monitors arrived for members in the big loft room, and two ping pong sets are on the bookshelf, by member request.

I’ve added a quiz that’s gotten a great response (which is posted in the kitchen above the sink), required for new members and people here on the free day. http://collectiveagency.co/quiz/

There’s a new Meetup group for Collective Agency. The group will have events open to people who pass the quiz, and for members: http://www.meetup.com/Collective-Agency-community-workplace/

7 members have filled out this survey, which is still open (for members and non-members): http://collectiveagency.co/survey/

Written by Alex Linsker