Things are growing great at Collective Agency and so many good things have happened. Joy-filled updates below.

Our yearly Christmas party is December 8, from 5-8pm. You’re invited!

christmas-party640 Newsletter: Portland's coziest, best-rated, most open and friendly coworking place

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Out of 5 people who came by last week, 4 people signed up as new members and almost everyone who signed up was referred. Reviews and referrals are always helpful. We’re on YelpGoogleTwitterFacebook.

Open workplace – the Collective Agency vision of coworking
We are an open workplace. What that means is we have an open floorplan and everything here, all of the furniture and equipment, is for everybody to use. We’ve found people are much more joyous with an open workplace than with any other way of working.

“I’ve been working at Collective Agency since I moved to Portland in June 2013. I love my commute over the bridge, I love coming in and seeing busy happy people. I’m on phone calls often and have the space available for privacy. I’m broadened by the community here.” -Stefanie, Member Interview and Review

open-workplace640 Newsletter: Portland's coziest, best-rated, most open and friendly coworking place

Members here value productive work, socializing and community activities at their workplace. Friendships, learning, inspiration, in-depth open conversations with laughter are largely what defines a successful event and a great day here.

“Friendship. I was surprised that this was such a high value for a workplace, but since seeing this, I’ve started to expect it here.” -Alex, Values that Members have here for Coworking

Membership is $250 per month or $2,500 when prepaid for 12 months.

People come here to work alongside other inspired self-motivated people. Collective Agency is the coziest, best-rated, most open and friendly coworking place in Portland. We’ve been open since 2011.

“The feedback I’ve gotten so far has been invaluable, and I’ve gotten some unexpected advice from those who have gone down the publishing and self-publishing paths already.” -Meryl, Added Value: Getting Feedback at Project Sharing Workshops

Many of us eat lunch and talk on the sofas here each day. There are weekly activities. Most of the time people are productively working.

“This was an epiphany moment for me, I liked it, a lot.” -Heather, Why I Brought my Sewing Machine to Work and Espresso-Making Workshop

heather-sewing-group640 Newsletter: Portland's coziest, best-rated, most open and friendly coworking place

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Happy Thanksgiving, Alex

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Written by Alex Linsker