stefanie Member Interview with Stefanie ZasyatkinaStefanie Zasyatkina, Director, InReach Solutions.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

I’m passionate about cooking, being outside, playing with my boy, and trying to make a difference:  feeling I’m of service to other humans.

What are you working on when you’re here?

I’m rarely here. But I work a lot on accounting and support work. What am I doing here today? I try to use this as a thinking forum to better my service to the clients.

What’s a memorable or valuable experience you’ve had at Collective Agency, and why?

The memorable experiences are the parties, the dancing. It brings together all the people, it loosens everybody up, it makes everybody feel more free. Even if you feel free with your work, the parties give you another side to people that you don’t normally see.

What’s something non-work-related that you’ve been learning lately?

This week I learned how to screw hooks. I made myself a little hook hanger. I thought that was fun. I’ve got some jewelry here; I’m going to try to learn jewelry making in a little bit. And I pruned an apple tree this weekend. It was great. I have bruises, I was crawling, hanging on. And I think I did it well.

Why do you work at Collective Agency?

I like it. It’s a good vibe. It’s bright. There’s lots of people always doing things. I like Collective Agency being downtown because it allows me to cross the river and change my scene. I like a place to be downtown so that I can park my bike and just walk around and be downtown and have a safe space.

What question would you like me to ask you, and what’s your answer?

Ask me how I am. I think you always do that too, ‘How are you doing?’, and that makes me feel welcome. And my answer right now? I’m feeling good. I bike downtown here — it’s a change of scene — in the rain, I feel like a badass.

[Heather joins in:] It’s pretty badass.

Stefanie: So it makes me happy.

Written by Alex Linsker