Co-working for me has always meant working alongside people. It’s the opposite of networking. I get to know how people are, and they get to know me, by working alongside. And then we go to lunch. Or happy hour. Or somehow a conversation starts. And people, by socializing here, often feel inspired, and often become friends.

Recently a member, Ben, who’s visiting from Dropbox to study how we work here, was asking me about collaboration. I’ve always said I value cooperation more than collaboration, and what is the definition of collaboration, anyway? But it got me thinking. And these are some great photos of collaboration, which most often happen here consistently when people are working at the same company or on the same paid project. I love when there are different conversations happening in various groups here at the same time. Pictured: people working here via the American Marketing Association, Portland chapter (AMAPDX).

ama-1 Collaboration: coworking in teams

ama-3 Collaboration: coworking in teams

ama-2 Collaboration: coworking in teams

ama-4 Collaboration: coworking in teams

ama-5 Collaboration: coworking in teams

Written by Alex Linsker