I will start off with the disclaimer that I am not a coffee person, I have always preferred tea, but I was curious about the new espresso maker, so I attended the workshop with the hopes of demystifying the machine and learning some of its secrets. Kenneth was a great teacher, his enthusiasm and showmanship made the class a lot of fun. Afterwords some of us were still playing around with the machine and Tom made two shots that he said were his best yet. He offered me one, how could I say no? This was an epiphany moment for me, I liked it, a lot. Tea is still my drink of choice, but my horizons have now been expanded to appreciate espresso as well, thank you Kenneth and Tom!


espresso-4-640px Espresso-Making Workshop

espresso-3-640px Espresso-Making Workshop
espresso-2-640px Espresso-Making Workshop
espresso-5-alex-640px Espresso-Making Workshop

All photos except the last photo in the blog post are by Ankur Dholakia, @photoscribbler

Written by Heather Anacker