Hi all,

Events upcoming in the rest of this month: Yoga, Works-In-Progress, and Professional Massages for Members!


Collective Agency is now one of the top 2 cafes or coworking places for the fastest internet in Portland. We have 100MB down 50MB up per computer, and 750MB down 175MB up total. Ethernet is always more reliable than wifi, and we have many new Ethernet switches, cables, and USB to Ethernet adapters for Macs.

The espresso-making workshop that Kenneth led yesterday was very popular, we had a full house (full kitchen).

More pretty photos of here are on Instagram: https://instagram.com/collectiveagency/

If you would write a review of us on Yelp or Google or Facebook or Twitter (or whereever you post reviews), that’d be awesome, to refer more people to become members. The top right of the website has the social media links.


Every Tuesday, 10am-10:10am. 10 Minute Yoga Sessions.
People have expressed interest in yoga, so starting this month I will be leading 10 minute yoga sessions every Tuesday at 10am in the back conference room. Stretches will focus on the spine to help our backs and our bodies feel good. All are welcome. I hope to see you there! Heather

Tuesday Sept 22, 2-2:40pm. Work-in-Progress Sharing.
In the NW Conference Room. Share what you’re working on (and/or caring about) this week, and get input on the current version or a new part of something you’re passionate about. Share the same thing you shared last time, but updated. Or share something new that you’re thinking about and caring about and want input on. Or just come and hear what other members are working on and share how you relate to it.

Tuesday Sept 29, 11am-2pm. Massages for Members by a Professional Massage Therapist.
In the Back Conference Room. The option of massages for members by a professional massage therapist. Philip is the therapist; Stefanie spoke very highly of him and he gave great massages here almost a year ago, I did fifteen minutes last time and will be paying him for a half hour session myself this time. He’s charging $1.25 per minute for 15, 20, or 30 minute options. If it’s popular, he could come here on a regular basis. I’ll put a signup sheet next to the door outside the back conference room. This is his info: http://awakeningswellnesscenter.com/awakenings/public/pages/therapists.cfm?65672460&therid=301


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Written by Alex Linsker