This calendar is printed at Collective Agency for members, and is shared here so you can see some of the community activities.

Hi all, September events for Collective Agency members are at:

As always, bringing family and friends is great.

Starting in September, Kenneth will be staffing here — (and continuing to lead the works-in-progress and being here generally as a member at other times), and Heather will be staffing –. I’m very happy with how everything’s going here. And I’m eager for these upcoming events!

Sunday Aug 30th • 10:30am-7:30pmlamb September events bike September events
Ed’s Bike Move and BBQ

Ed writes to other Collective Agency members:

“I’m having a bike move starting 10:30am at — from 2pm-7:30pm. You and friends are invited to either or both!”

Wednesday Sept 2nd • 2-2:30pm
Optional Member Meeting

On the first Wednesday of every month for half an hour, we talk about what we like here and what we’d like to be even better.
The agenda:

1) Go around, say your name and something you’re passionate about in 30 seconds or less. (5 minutes)
2) What are some things you’d like to do or see at Collective Agency? What’s something you’re passionate about that you’d like to share with other members?
Then we’ll talk about the planned events on the calendar. (25 minutes)

Optional member meetings have led to many happy hours and other events as well as improvements here.

Thursday Sept 3rd • 5-7pmcollective-agency-pictionary September events
Game Night Happy Hour

Last month we had Collective Agency’s first game night happy hour. We had Pictionary, Chess, Charades, along with some great food and drinks and guessing and laughter. There will be beer and wine (we have extras from the last happy hour). Games might include: Team Chess with 2 boards, Quoridor, Catchphrase, Scotlandyard… and what else?

Bring in any games you’d like to share and play. Cooperative, cozy and inspiring might be some of the values for the games. Bringing people you like is great.

Monday Sept 7th
Labor Day – Staff Holiday

Federal holiday and a staff holiday; we’ll be closed to the public but as always, members have 24/7 access.

Tuesday Sept 8th • 2pm-2:40pmcollective-agency-works-in-progress September events
Works-In-Progress Sharing

Meryl, Ankur, and Heather have RSVP’d to present. We could have room for 1 more person this week. And we have room for more people next time.

We’ll meet in the SW Conference Room. Share what you’re working on (and/or caring about) this week, and get input on the current version or a new part of something you’re passionate about. Share the same thing you shared last time, but updated. Or share something new that you’re thinking about and caring about and want input on. Or just come and hear what other members are working on and share how you relate to it.

4 Tuesdays, Sept 8-29 • 7pm-8:30pmportland-undergraduate-grad-school September events
Behavioral Economics Workshop, Portland Undergraduate Grad School

Space limited to 14 students. $62 total. Register:

Taught by Douglas Tsoi, Founder of PUGS, J.D. NYU School of Law. Why do seemingly rational people make irrational financial decisions? What triggers the impulse to ignore common sense and act against our self-interest? The emerging field of behavioral economics studies the predictably irrational financial behavior. We’ll examine how people fall into common patterns of thinking in how we spend, save, borrow, invest, and waste money. We’ll also talk about how our family histories play into how we understand and value money. This fun and interactive course will open your eyes to how you can better make better financial decisions.

Thursday Sept 10th • 6pm-8pmcollective-agency-chapman-swifts September events
Chapman Swifts: Thousands of birds fly into a chimney, watched by hundreds of people

We’ll have a picnic on the grassy hillside, and watch thousands of birds make dot patterns in the sky, usually with a hawk in the sky too. 20 of us had a picnic there last year. It’s one of the most fascinating beautiful things. There will be many people there, so you can call Alex’s cellphone: (503) 369-9174 to find us.

More info on the swifts at:

P.S. Around 5:30pm some of us will bicycle over from Collective Agency so you could meet here and go over with us; it’s a 15 minute bike ride. And if you’re there on the hillside with other groups with friends, come and say hi! It lasts until 8pm, and then maybe we’ll get drinks at Lucky Lab nearby on 1945 NW Quimby. Hundreds of people watch, picnic-style (picnic blankets and food). Bring friends and family, and friends-of-friends are invited too.

RSVP on the FB page – the link is on this event’s page.

Tuesday Sept 15th 5-8pm
Closing the Customer Gap. A SilverPop event. Big Loft Room rental.

We’ll have a large user group in the big loft room as a paid rental; at 5pm staff will start moving chairs and wiping down tables in the big loft room. As always, members have unlimited conference room access during event rentals. (And if it’s ever desired to have fewer event rentals, we can do that too, just let Alex know what you prefer.) Members are welcome to come to the event.


Only 44% of marketers are confident they know which channels customers prefer. Even fewer are confident how often (37%) and when customers want communications (34%), according to a 2015 Econsultancy and IBM Marketing Cloud study. Join our star-studded panel for an interactive discussion around

  • How to connect your marketing stack to enable more responsive marketing
  • How to mine your data for actionable insights
  • How top performing companies in Portland (and nationally) are closing the customer experience gap


  • Kevin Murphy, Director of Digital Strategy at CMD
  • Jamie Beckland, VP of Marketing at Janrain
  • Hannah Egan, Product Strategy for IBM Marketing Cloud

Tuesday Sept 22nd • 2-2:40pm
Works-In-Progress Sharing

RSVP to let us know if you want to present something you’re working on.

Written by Alex Linsker