Over the past three weeks we’ve had three Collective Agency happy hours, the most ever. Here are photos from events over the past month.

The works-in-progress members event is every two weeks in the SW Conference Room here. We meet from 2-2:40pm and people share what we’re each working on, usually three people share each time. Sometimes people give updates, sometimes it’s totally new. Each person presents for 5-7 minutes, then there are 3 minutes for other members to say what we appreciated or ask questions. The person who presented can’t respond, which gets happy laughs sometimes. Kenneth introduced us to this format and has been leading it almost every time. Members Works-In-Progress are one of the highlights for many people here.

2015-08-11_1439332700 3 happy hours in 3 weeks

This is a photo of part of the big loft room, showing members working.

2015-08-11_1439332023 3 happy hours in 3 weeks

A few weeks ago we hosted a happy hour with many members and over 60 people total. There was a keg of beer, pizza, and lots of socializing and inspiring conversations.

2015-08-06_1438887549 3 happy hours in 3 weeks

2015-08-06_1438887865 3 happy hours in 3 weeks

Two members organized a happy hour at Mother’s Bistro downtown. Some of us walked over there from here at 5pm and found a lot of members already there!

2015-08-14_1439590817 3 happy hours in 3 weeks

Our first-ever game night happy hour was last Thursday night. Happy hours are usually Thursdays at 5pm, and are here half the time and somewhere else around town half the time. It was my first time ever eating shrimp on sticks, fine meats, and salad while playing Pictionary — a meeting rental had left lots of food here earlier in the day, which is always a happy surprise. After Pictionary we played chess and Charades. It went until 7:45pm. I’m excited for the next game night happy hour; members suggested we have it on the first and third Thursdays.

2015-08-21_1440200463 3 happy hours in 3 weeks

Written by Alex Linsker